Working From Home: A Real Option? The Finale

Very soon the benefits of being able to integrate both personal and professional goals while working from home. For example, after the birth of my children, I was determined to be around my children as much as I could. While I worked a 9-5 job, I did not have the time or energy to focus on this goal.

However, within the last six months, I have reached my objective. Working from home gave me both the motivation, and the time to achieve what I set out to do. Ive learned both discipline in time management as well as enjoying the flexibility and extra free time provided by working from home to work out and focus on our eating habits as a family.

Of course, the most important key to being successful working from home is making a real committment to your goals and life long dreams. Take the next step and just do it. There is no question that taking that 1st step can be scary but working from home provides many more rewards then risks. If you work really hard at the beginning before you know it your earning money from home.

You now have time for your children and what they need to have safe, happy, productive lives while still collecting a paycheck. One more thing, you are growing as a work at home professional and personally as you explore changes in your life that your not used to like making choices with your time, etc. You are the boss now and it does take time to get used to that concept.

My families life since starting my home business has completely changed. I am able to spend more time with my family and specifically my kids. My relationship with my kids continues to grow due to this extra time. Teaching my children every day because I am home to when they get out of school benefits my children. I can spend time teaching them how to eat healthy. I can get more exercise as well because more time with my kids keeps me more active.

One thing also I can do is share with other people who have the same goals as I do about spending more time with the children. Its not always about the money but the missed time you lose when your taking 1 hour drives home from the office. It is not always about money, but building relationships and helping others. So the answer is an unqualified, yes.

Working from home is a very realistic and viable option, and could be the secret to improving the quality of your life along with the lives of those around you.

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