Work From Home – How Much Money?

How much money do you want to earn? I don’t expect anybody to pay me for not working, but I do expect to be well paid for my efforts. I already know how much I need in order to support my family in the style we enjoy. You must decide for yourself. Be realistic, but don’t be afraid to shoot for your dreams.

Decide first how you want to live and then figure out how much you need each year in order to live at that level. Explore different businesses and choose what feels right for you. I never liked working for somebody else–to let them set my schedule or decide how much I could earn. I want a business where my earnings depend strictly upon: 1) how thoroughly I check out my options, 2) how well I learn the new business system, and 3) how much effort I’m willing to put in. Regarding this final point, I prefer to work “smart” whenever possible, rather than working hard.

The more promising home businesses that I’ve found involve marketing a product or service (POS.) I don’t want the responsibility today of owning a brick-and-mortar business. I prefer to have no employees, or as few as possible. I want to work when I choose, and take off whenever I please. I’d also like to be able to oversee my business while I travel. A good system will allow me to do these things. I still want to earn a significant income–and I’m willing to put in the time and energy necessary to set up and oversee the “system” that helps me market my POS.

Some people’s lives might change with an extra $ 500 to $ 1000 per month. Others may need significantly more. I see nothing wrong with earning $ 25,000 or $ 50,000 per month (or more,) and I know I can deliver POS with that value. I’ve done it before. So my search focused on a home-based business that can provide everything I’ve mentioned. I understand that any new business must build over time, so I might earn little or nothing in the first few weeks, while learning the system. I can allow for that possibility by continuing part-time work elsewhere, reducing my expenses, or by putting aside some money now in preparation for any dry spells.

I looked for a business where my earning potential is at least $ 250,000 per year. A paper route won’t do this. Becoming a massage therapist is unlikely to do so for me. I doubt that I could stuff that many envelopes (if this is legit–I’m still not sure.) I’d be bored with medical billing and could never earn the money I want doing this–but that’s just me. So I looked at several options that 1) Include a good marketing system, and 2) Offer the potential for me to earn what I want, 3) Permit me to work from home.

Whatever business you choose, be certain that it can deliver the amount of money that you want. Ask questions. Look for proof, not wild claims. As much as possible, make sure that others marketing the same POS with that system are earning what you and your family need or want.

In addition to money, two other factors are so important that they absolutely must be included in this discussion. These are: A) Personal integrity and B) Timing.

A) Personal integrity is vital in my business and in my life. Customers who recognize personal integrity typically bring me repeat business and send referrals. Even more important is the role that personal integrity plays in my personal growth as a human being. Success is not measured only in dollars and cents. When I’m really proud of myself–deep inside–I feel comfortable and confident around other successful people. It becomes easier to raise my sights and achieve even more success. It can be very damaging for a person to feel guilty about not delivering a good product or service (POS) at a fair price. Such people tend to self-sabotage and quickly destroy whatever temporary success they might achieve.

B) Timing. Having enjoyed enormous successes in my life, I’ve found that timing is crucial to everything I do. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is not to procrastinate. Someone recently told me that procrastination means “unwarranted perfection”–waiting for the perfect job, person, or opportunity that never arrives. Others describe procrastination as waiting until all the traffic lights turn green before you begin your journey. Mr. W. Clement Stone wrote a book called, “DO IT NOW!” He was an associate of Napoleon Hill, who wrote “THINK AND GROW RICH.” Stone pointed out that when you have a good idea, to put your plan into action immediately. Take the first step right now. I’ve learned that I must take some action today and everyday that will move me closer to my goal Does this mean that if I’m currently “trading my time for money” (called a job,) that I must quit today and join an Internet marketing team? No. But I can begin learning today about how it works. I can outline a plan this instant, and pick a date for when I will sign up. I can also begin today setting aside the money that I’ll need to begin my new business.

All of my successes have come after I made a decision about what I wanted to achieve (a specific goal,) and then made a plan on how to get there. Once I have a goal that I truly believe in, I start out immediately on that journey. I’ve evaluated many top online marketing businesses. I’ve also witnessed lots of people who say they want the big income, but don’t have enough money to start any business. If this is your situation, I suggest putting aside some money every single day–as much as you can–to fund your new business as soon as possible. Maybe search out a source to lend you the money. I certainly don’t expect to start a new business with no money–this would be unrealistic. A business that has the potential of earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year? Have you priced a McDonald’s franchise lately? Or Subway or Burger King? Reliable Internet-marketing business can earn more per year than any of these franchises, with far lower start-up costs. What I’m saying is, if your current job or business isn’t providing the income you need, don’t wait until you’re desperate before getting involved with Internet marketing. Or with a reliable network- marketing company or other home-based business that appeals to you. There are many legitimate opportunities available today. Set aside some money now so that you can take action as quickly as possible. There’s a learning curve in any new business. Even with an outstanding marketing system, it still takes time to learn the system in order to use it well. The sooner you get started, the faster you can reach your goal.

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