Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brush

Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brush

Product Description
Winsor & Newton Series 7 – The World’s Finest Water Color Brush. More than any other tool, the brush is a direct and fluid extension of the artist’s hand, eye and expressive vision. It is with that principle in mind that Winsor & Newton has crafted fine artists’ brushes for over 150 years, earning a reputation for making the world’s finest from the very best raw materials. The standards of quality for this brush were set in 1866, when her majesty Queen Victoria gave orders that Winsor & Newton, holders of the Royal Warrant, be commanded to produce the very finest water color brushes in her favorite size the No. 7. The resulting brush known as the Series 7 and the standards of quality set in 1866 are the same today. There are three essential qualities that define the finest water color brush: Point, Snap & Spring and Flow Control. Since 1866, the handmade Series 7 has proven itself to be the standard –bearer in all those qualities, offering a rapier-like point, perfectly balanced spring with extraordinary capacity and flow control. For artists who appreciate exquisite quality and longevity, there is no other brush than the Winsor & Newton Series 7.

Price: Too low to display

  • The World’s Finest Water Color Brush – for artists who appreciate exquisite quality and longevity, there is no other brush than the Winsor & Newton Series 7.
  • Point – having a crisp point and maintaining that during use.
  • Snap & Spring – the brush snaps back crisply into shape with the right degree of spring to allow the artist superior control with a degree of give and take between the brush and painting surface.
  • Flow Control – the color flows evenly and consistently from the point with enough color carry capacity within the belly of the brush to lay down a flowing gestural stoke of colour.

Collapsible Eco Friendly Jute Storage Box. Organize Toys, Laundry and everything in between! (Storage written in front)

Product Description
These are Eco Friendly Jute Storage Bins that are made from original Jute and are waterproof inside. Size of the basket is 12.5″ x 10 x 9.5

Establish order amidst the chaos of daily living by inviting these collapsible jute storage boxes from MadFortune into your home. A durable jute exterior coupled with a plastic inner lining provides sturdy storage space for your items. Scoot them under beds, inside closets, over toilets, above kitchen sinks and in mudrooms.

With a contemporary, spa-like look, the baskets are perfect for holding your bath salts, lotions and potions in the master bath.

At The MadFortune, nothing is more important to us than providing safe, high-quality products to you and your family. We believe that kids’ products should be able to handle everything kids throw their way (literally and figuratively). That’s why all of our products have life time quality guarantee.

We Donate: We tally up the number of Jute Bins sold and make a monthly donation to our nonprofit partners, which covers the cost of sourcing that number of Bins. So, know that your money is going to a good cause when you spend money with us!

Price: $11.99

  • Storage Bin to store anything from Kids Toys, salts, lotions and potions in bathroom to growing plants
  • Size of the basket is 12.5″ x 10 x 9.5. It is easily collapsible for you to store if not in use.
  • Eco Friendly and made with durable Jute handle to last. It comes with LIFE TIME GUARANTEE! So buy worry free!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked! We donate portion of our earnings to our non profit partners. So know your money is going for good cause!
  • Eco Friendly and waterproof from inside. Buy one now and return back if you don’t like with our free return shipping policy!

How would you like become one of the elite top earning marketers while wearing only your pajamas? No, it’s not what you think, so banish those indecent thoughts! There are a lot of business opportunities sprouting like mushrooms in cyberspace, and the best part is you don’t even have to leave home to take advantage of them.

One thing to consider in your quest to make money from home is not to lose sight of the big picture as you take care of the smallest details. Outsourcing can help you there.

Outsourcing the Little Things

Outsourcing is not a new concept. However, it is one that has been gaining popularity steadily for many reasons:

– It’s not only cheaper, it’s also more efficient.

– The ecology benefits from doing many things electronically with less paperwork and less gasoline consumption. Because you don’t have to travel to your work place, you won’t even have to wear a power suit; thus, you have less dry cleaning expenses. There are also less offices to keep and maintain.

– When you outsource, you won’t have to deal with human resources. Consequently, your outsourcing partner gets to be his own boss.

– No matter how smart you are, or how talented you may be, you can’t do everything – that’s a fact. You know what they say: “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Most of the top earning marketers have learned when and how to use outsourcing as a tool for success and profit. Rather than lose focus of the small things (which also cannot be ignored), they get professionals to do it. As a result, top earning marketers get to keep their minds on the big picture. It is not a crutch that you can do without, but rather, a helping hand when you need it most.

Know the Benefits of Delegation

When you make money from home with your own enterprise, you automatically become your own boss. Sometimes you might encounter certain things that you don’t know what to do with or how to accomplish, so rest easy, knowing that you can always find someone else to do it and outsource it to them. Not only can outsourcers get it done, they can also do it better. Such an opportunity is something that top earning marketers use with prudence.

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