Where Should You Post Affiliate Links?

First, what is meant by affiliate marketing?

It is an online job in which you have to drive traffic to the merchant’s website and when a sale is achieved, you earn a commission. Using this concept, it is not needed anymore to have your own product in order to start your online business.

Do you know the top hidden secret to succeed?

If you want to increase your commission, then you should learn where to post your affiliate links. Indeed, it can be difficult in case you are just starting to make money online.

Honestly, this skill alone can take your online empire to the next level. Do you know why some affiliate websites make $ 100 per month while others make $ 1000? It is only learning where to post affiliate links.

What would be the optimal starting point?

It is highly recommended to find some ready-made ClickBank websites that permit online marketers to post affiliate links. It is not that hard to find them as they earn many around and they earn money from our postings.

If you look for specific examples, here they are!

EHow.com is a great site for posting links though the link must pertain to the content in the article. This is also true for Bukisa.com. Other sites that can use affiliate links include article directories such as About.com, Articlebase.com and other article directories.

Well, what would be the next place to target?

In case you are done with the above mention task, then it is the high time to focus on the best directories in your niche. To do this, use your favorite search engine to type your niche name associated with the word directories. You will be surely happy from the long list that any search engine like Google can provide you.

Fine, how to select the best directories among the others?

It should be your duty now to search around and find the most optimal options. In this context, I advise you to choose these directories with the highest Google rank or these directories that receive the highest internet traffic.

Does it make any sense to do this?

Yes, it definitely does. It is a large and growing industry and many individuals are joining. Once you uncover the best methods to drive traffic to your site, you will soon see your profit growing. It would be great too in case you know learn how to choose your affiliate partner.

What would be my optimal tip for you?

Do not start from scratch. Why do not you learn from the others? In this manner, I would recommend for you to check these ClickBank marketing guides that will provide lists of the sites that allow links-posting.

Well, does it make sense to consider blogs too?

Indeed, huge number of blogs is very adequate to post affiliate links. Moreover, many webmasters are reviewing products or giving an opinion based on their experiences. Hence, an affiliate link in this case allows you to check out the product and form your own opinion.

Many blogs also make it possible for you to highlight specific keywords and when you click on the word, it takes you to the merchant’s page. Adding to this, allowing internet users to leave comments can help you to know what they are looking for.

Are you lost how to choose the best blog among the others?

The choice process should work on 2 criteria, which are the number of comments and the last updated date. Based on my experiences, I would usually choose blogs with the most comments and the most frequently updated.

Here are still two directories that you should not overlook!

Drugstore.com and Amazon.com also let you place customized ads in order to promote the products. If you are posting the product in a blog, then you can scroll through the different products and have an ad for each one.

Finally, where should you post your links on your website?

* The first optimal position is the left-side navigation bar. This is where many people look at the first to find more information.

* In the top under the title of the page is also a good place to have an ad there.

* Finally, at the end of your article as a guide for more information associated with a strong call to action.

Before you leave, here is one more advice for you that you should not ignore. It is a good idea to have a tracking system, which will guide you to determine the best link that achieved the most sales. Therefore, it would be easy for you to optimize your marketing campaign.

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