Ways to Earn Money Online

Do you want to make money online part time or full time? Would you like to earn a bit of extra cash or a serious income? I’ll cover all those options here.

If you want part time extra cash, two of the ways to earn money online are doing online surveys and selling on eBay. I’ll explain how each of these works shortly.

If you want a serious, full time income two of the best ways to earn money online are to build a website and make money from adverts you place on your site, and affiliate marketing which involves selling other people’s products via the internet.

Let’s look at all 4 options in more detail.

1. Online surveys. How do you get involved? I found the best way was to join a survey company that acts like a middle-man and sends you relevant surveys to your email. That saves you having to find lots of companies that need market research done in this way. The survey company does that, and you can then just focus on actually doing the surveys.

What do you actually do? Usually the surveys are in the form of multiple choice questions, you just fill them out online by ticking the box next to the answer that’s right for you. You’re just sharing your opinion, and companies need to know our opinion about a whole variety of subjects. You normally get paid individually for each survey you take part in, and the amount varies according to who the survey is for.

2. Selling on eBay. This is one of the popular ways to earn money online. How do you get involved? Just register for a free eBay account and then decide what you are going to sell. It could be items you make, things you own already, items you buy from a wholesaler or things you find at markets, charity shops and so on. I recommend you sell items that all belong to one ‘subject’ like kids shoes, vintage jewelry, music and so on because then you can build your own brand within eBay and become known for being an expert in your niche. Ideally pick a subject you know about and are enthusiastic about. What do you actually do? You need to photograph your items and list them in either auctions, buy it now format, or in your eBay shop. If the item sells, you then post it off to the buyer. If you have more stocks of that item, you then re-list it. To make money successfully on eBay involves more than just these simple steps however, so I have a whole section on my website dedicated to this.

3. Build a website. This is one of my favorite ways to earn money online because it’s a long term, passive income you are creating, and it’s all under your own control. It takes time, and there are lots of skills to learn, but anyone can do it using the system I use for all mine. It’s great if you are passionate about a particular subject and can build a website about that, because your passion will come across to your site visitors. You could certainly make enough money to leave your day job a few years down the line, if you follow the system I use.

4. Affiliate marketing. I know it might sound a bit strange that you can make money selling other people’s products online, but this is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. What’s involved? Firstly you need to find companies that use affiliates to sell their products. You then need to learn how to drive large numbers of web visitors to that company’s website (I show you how). If their product sells thanks to you, you get paid a commission of anything up to about 75%. How do they know if the sale came via you? It’s all tracked by a special code that they give you. The great thing is, your only job is to send traffic to their site. They look after the customers, they are responsible for sending the products out when they are sold. So, if you are looking for a time effective way to earn a good online income, this could be for you.

I go into full step by step detail about all 4 of these ways to earn money online on my website: Ways to earn money online You will also find information there about all the other ways to make money online and from home successfully: Make money from home Visit my money making blog for free tips too: http://www.2makemoneyfromhome.com/make-money-from-home-blog.html

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