Want To Make Money From Home With One Way Backlink Building

To be able to make money from home, you must avoid using old tips concerning the link building. As you know the search engines change their algorithms and the penalties. You just have to follow new instructions to reach the top 10 ranking.

1. The Requirements Of The Linking Site.

Links are like business sources, or contacts, so if you want to make money from home, you have to select, if you can, the linking sites carefully. First, the linking site should be hosted under an independent IP address. Second, the linking site must have its own set of backlinks. Third, the linking site must be related to your site, at least loosely.

2. Use Directories To Make Money From Home With Links.

Simply, directories are great ways to make extra money, because your target group surf there to be able to find useful information. Listings in Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory form a basic starting point for your link popularity campaign.

The listings in these directories bring important link popularity for the website. The directories have a unique IP and a unique set of backlinks and the linking site is put to related category. You have to note, that these directories are not free.

3. Ask A Backlink From An Authority Site.

One PR 6 backlink is better than several from sites with PR 1. The search engines take the backlinks as votes from other sites to your site. If a high traffic site has a link to your site, the search engine will thank you accordingly. You can simply send an email to an authority site and to ask a backlink.

4. The Article Marketing Builds Links, Image And Bring Related Visitors.

When you write articles, like I do now, with link in the about the author box, called the anchor text, the search engines will raise the ranking of your site on the result page of the used keyword. When you submit the article to the article directories, the netsurfers will read it and if it is a good one, they will copy it into their own site or blog. This means more backlinks and chances to make money on the internet.

5. The Blog Commenting Builds Backlinks, Brand And Brings Visitors.

When you select the blogs, pick those, which have a high traffic and on the sidebar the so called top commentators list. This same list is on every page of the blog, so when you write the comment, it will be included on every single page, if your site is inside the top 10. With an authority blog, which has the same topic as yours, of 200 pages, this means 200 backlinks with one short comment. Not so bad!

The backlinks are the must to be able to make money at home. However they must be natural, in a way as results of your own work. The high quality content is of course the best way to build them, because that is the thing, which the netsurfers are looking for and if you serve them, they will bookmark your site.

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