Want To Make Money Being A Web Hosting Affiliate?

When it comes to affiliate programs most are a dime a dozen, but once in awhile you will find a really awesome program that really could make you a good amount of money; maybe enough to even live! These affiliate programs range from all sorts of products and service but the web hosting ones are nice because usually they will allow you to make a good amount of money. Web hosting isn’t really something you have to “sell” to potential customers, because eventually everyone needs an account.

So this is a good product to sell because you have a higher chance of getting people to sign up under you which means money in the bank! The affiliate programs will obviously all be different in the types of options they have, but this is good! You want a variation, you want to be the guy offering something different than everyone else! Here are a few specs on one website I found for affiliate web hosting:

– Get paid up to $ 105.00 per sale on hosting plans.
– Earn 20% commission on sales through your site!
– Product prices up to 70% LESS than the competition.
– Offer Special Savings available only as an Affiliate!
– Earn even more with Performance Incentives!
– Boost your sales with seasonal promotions!
– Get help with a Dedicated Affiliate Manager!

These affiliate programs are a simple way for you to make quick money. And depending on what percentages the affiliate allows you could make a pretty penny or you could make just enough to pay for your own hosting. In these affiliate instances I try to stay away from websites that offer anything less than 20%, if they offer more; awesome. If they offer less, look some place else. So for instance if you make $ 500 in affiliate sales for the website above, you would earn a profit margin of $ 100.

But if the percentage was higher then obviously you would earn more! Its also a good idea to check out the payment schedule and payment processors. Some of these websites only send out checks, so if you are overseas, something like this may not work for you or you might want to look for a site that allows you to be paid with Pay Pal. Payment schedule could be potentially important if you need the money at a certain point and payment minimum could be important as well. I was a member of a program a few years ago.

It was a $ 100 minimum and you were paid on the 15th and 21st of every month so this worked out quite well for me! Just check different sites out and see who offers what. I think you will be really surprised to find out just how easy it is to earn money from web hosting affiliate programs!

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