Using Unique Article Wizard to Promote an Affiliate Blog

In this guide I’ll be teaching you how to use unique article wizard to maximize your profits with your affiliate review blog. Unique article wizard is a great tool you can use to get thousands of unique article submissions to directories and blogs. The submissions will boost your backlinks by thousands and possibly get you in the top 10 of the duel search engine rankings for your keyword. In fact it’s not impossible to be ranked first for your key word using only the unique article wizard software as your source of backlinks.

First of all you’re gonna wanna know what I mean by an “affiliate blog”. What I mean is a blog where you are a few affiliate products and try to refer sales. If you haven’t heard about you should try and look into it because it’s one of that best ways to make money on the Internet right now. Anyways let’s get started with the actual guide.

Step one: choose what type of blog you gonna be making or rather what category your blog will fit under. After you choose a category you could choose a few products that fit into the category and that you’d like to promote. Remember that the more specific your niche is the more potential traffic you’ll be getting from search engines. Setup your blog to work well with the niche you have chosen and then move on to step two.

Two: Now comes the hard part unless of course you’re outsourcing your work. The old phrase “content is king” is still pretty true, and what you need to do next is write 10 articles about your category and products. This isn’t really that hard and if you’re a good writer it should be a piece of cake. If you really hate writing though, you can pay someone else to do it for a few dollars per article. If you do everything right you should make all of that money back and much more with your affiliate blog.

Step three) Rewrite all of your articles two times so the have a total of three articles for each of the 10 original articles you wrote. That means you should have a total of 30 articles, of course if you’re familiar with unique article wizard you will already know all about this.

Step four: make sure that the articles you submit it to Squidoo and HubPages have a resource box at the bottom or somewhere with in the post a link to your blog. You also want to make sure that you have a link to your affiliate product within the article. This will help to make sure that you get sales from your Squidoo, your Hub, and your blog, hence the trippling of your profits. And submit your articles to unique article wizard with links to your Squidoo page your hub page and your block in the resource box.

There you have it, my secrets for making thousands of dollars a month just by promoting an affiliates product. Only those who read this guide will know about using the HubPages and Squidoo method to promote their articles. To try to keep this under the routes and good luck promoting your affiliate products.

The Make Money With Unique Article Wizard articles are written by Scott S., and you can read up on the updates on Associate Pie. These strategies of Make money online with Unique Article Wizard can be seen on the Hub.

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