Unique Article Wizard And Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative and effective way to earn money while marketing online. Affiliate marketing is very straight forward. It is a matter of have the right ads in front of enough of the right people for long enough time and the money will come in. Easy, right? All it take are these three things. The details of pulling this off is what people struggle with and it can be done many ways.

An article can be written about almost any subject. Do some research and find some good keywords for your target market. and do an article. When doing your article get some content from an expert. You do not need to be one you just need to find what an expert has said or written. In the process of creating your article you want to make sure you use your key words and also have links to your affiliates in the article. In general you will be limited to 2 or 3 links per article.

Once you have created your article you will want to get it published to as many sites as possible so that you are getting your links in from of a large number of people that are of the right market so that you may obtain a sale that leads to a commission. One of the best tools I have found to do this is the Unique Article Wizard. They will be able to get your article on over 10,000 sites depending on the subject mater. By having links back to your blog where there are more articles you can also increase your back links which will cause the search engines to select your articles when searches for the keywords you used in writing you article. This process is how SEO or search engine optimizations works. The article with the most links wins.

You will also want to create a video about your article and put it on YouTube with the same keywords as your article. The Unique Article Wizard allows for the publishing of videos along with your article which will give your videos lots of back links. With this the video also will get SEO or organic traffic from the multitude of sites that it has been published in the world.If you have a link in your video back to your blog you will create even more traffic to you blog which will generate even more traffic. It is this kinds of circular links that will put you on the first page of Google.

With all this traffic you are increasing your odds of making affiliate commissions. The other thing about articles is that they never go away so as you do this your back links and traffic just continue to rise. What a web a traffic you can create.

In summary the Unique Article Wizard can be a real money maker for you and at the same time you can market other affiliate products using this tool and explode your commissions all the way to the bank.

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