Transactions Through Sms

We provide the best service for SMS billing and receiving SMS payments from the website users. With our SMS billing service we facilitate receiving donations, bill payments, money transfers and transactions in banks, paying for accessing websites and many more with just sending SMS. This mobile billing facility will allow the user to directly pay you through bank account rather than the slow process of hand to hand transaction.

This service can be availed by companies and as well as by individuals. Big organisations can make use of this service to receive donations by just placing a “donate” tab which will guide the user through a small wizard and will ask to select the country and mobile operator and send the SMS to a predefined code. This service is also used to make SMS payments for accessing a restricted site which needs a code to get unlocked for a specified cost. The banks even can make use of SMS premium gateways for running their transactions by sending SMS for which the user will have to pay an amount specified.

For starting the service we just gather your information while registration on our website. We implement efficient measures to secure your personal data which include directories with password protection and databases which are totally encrypted and redirected across internet in a secured way. We never share your personal information with any other parties which is inappropriate to comply with the law. Costs related to operating and exchange is to be borne by the customer. The client must not misguide the customers in any aspect and cannot use this service to distribute banned or illegal material. The client must make sure that the material to be made available has copyright, license, authorization, permissions and consents granted. The earnings in the account is calculated in British Pounds and the payment is made through PayPal, Payoneer prepaid card or bank wire transfer in every 30 days after the first payment is made. The initial payment period can be from 60-90 days.

The online privacy policies are applicable to the information gathered from our website only. If we ever plan to alter the privacy policy, we will post it on our website. We have dedicated ourselves towards Excellency to bring privacy policy in line with customer satisfaction at the top of all service. If ever you have a trouble that requires to be disputed, then feel free to contact us.

Setup your SMS service and earn the money. Our sms billing system provides SMS gateway service, SMS lock, mobile billing, premium SMS, SMS donate, SMS bank, SMS billing service and SMS content services.

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