Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid As You Become An Affiliate Marketer

Making mistakes when you become an affiliate marketer is a common occurrence. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash online but still needs consideration to avoid making the following mistakes:

1.Not making a plan of action:
Spend some time before actually starting your business deciding what products you are going to promote and how you will promote them. You should also decide at this point whether you will have a website or not. It is possible to become an affiliate marketer without a website although is easier to promote several products or more from your own website.

2.Not doing market research:
It is no good having a wonderful product that nobody wants or needs. Research the Internet and look at the products that people are buying and the niche or area that is selling well.

3.Not building a list:
All we ever hear about is the list! But it really is the way to consistently make money. If someone makes a purchase from you they will then leave the site and may never return unless you have captured their name and email address. You can do this by offering free subscription to a newsletter or giving away an eBook. All you want in return is their name and email giving permission to send follow up emails or special offers that may be of interest.

4.Which brings me to ‘spamming’:
Never send emails to someone without their permission first. As well as being really annoying and giving you a bad name, the recipient may well report you.

5.Don’t use free hosting accounts. The websites are not original and can look unprofessional. You will have a better looking website and receive a better service when you pay for hosting which can cost as little as $ 10 a month.

6.Overusing pop-ups:
Pop-ups have their place in affiliate marketing but when you are hit by thousands it is just plain annoying! When you become an affiliate marketer you want to encourage people to stay on your website, get to know you and your products, build trust. When your visitor is hit by more than one pop-up they will leave without browsing or buying.

7.Having broken links on your website:
Make sure all your links are working and open in a separate window. When you receive a visitor don’t then proceed to send them to another website through another link. By opening in a separate window you will keep them. If your links don’t work you will probably lose the visitor and seem unprofessional. Check at least once a week.

8.Trying to sell everything to reach all people:
There are millions of people buying from the Internet every day so you only need to target a small section to make a decent profit. Concentrate your products around one niche, preferably one that you have some knowledge and interest in. Having a large range of products all from different topics on your site will be confusing to your visitors and may even brand you as a jack of all trades rather than someone knowledgeable in one area to be trusted.

Building a reputation and marketing campaign can take time and patience. Be consistent in your actions and market your products using a daily blog, write and submit articles on a weekly basis. The traffic will arrive and when it does it will be targeted traffic interested in your products.

10.Never give up:
When you become an affiliate marketer don’t expect to get rich overnight. Although it is one of the easier options to earn extra cash online it will still take hard work, consistent actions

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