Top Reasons to Use Review Site Templates

The popularity of review sites paved the way for the demand of review site templates. And this trend is observed currently in both the online and offline network.

A review site is a website which features different review posts of products and services from consumers. The posts are gathered using prevalent web 2.0 elements and/or using the services of professional writers. Examples of early review site models include and

In the past, review sites regarded the anonymity of the reviewers’ highly. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protected the reviewer’s comments and the reviewer himself from any liability caused by his personal review. However, in 2005, a change was implemented. Review sites started to encourage their reviewers to use their real names when writing their reviews. Some people post their photos with their names for credibility.

There are several ways a review site can generate income. On top of the list is advertising. Paid enhanced listings, paid links, and comparison shopping are the other ways a review site can earn income.

Review sites greatly influence a shopper’s decision on whether or not to buy a certain product or service. Reading other people’s experiences about the product is a factor a shopper considers before buying it. Apparently, a positive review on a product or service is worth more than a creatively designed sales page.

A business owner can benefit from review sites such that favorable ratings can increase sales and build client confidence. Internet marketers, on the other hand, can use a review site to their advantage by getting a higher conversion ratio in exchange for honest reviews. For the internet marketer, a well-designed review site means more commissions!

One factor that can affect the overall success of a review site is how it looks. Without a doubt, you wouldn’t buy something from an amateur looking site. Most internet users always feel comfortable when they visit a professional looking review site so webmasters see to it that they use professional and ready-made review site templates. A ready-made template is the choice most webmasters take for its ease of use. With one, you can get your site up and running within minutes. Even if you have several niches, a ready-made template has several color schemes which you can use for each one of your niches.

Don’t let the number of review site templates overwhelm you. Simply visit sites which review templates based on factors like ease of use, functionality, and conversion factor and surely, you will find one which will be perfect for your review site.

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