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Affiliate Marketing
RPG Websolutions, Delhi base SEO Company, offers complete range of internet marketing solution with the high end affiliate programs. Here you can find an extensive range of resources on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, plays a vital role, due to the it’s frequently advertising method like publishing reviews of products or services in comparison to other marketing schemes that includes organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid SEM (PPC – Pay Per Click), and email marketing. A stop here will give you all the information you need to start making money online. Please also check out our affiliate networks, our most popular affiliate marketing resources and most popular affiliate programs.
Affiliate Marketing Delhi, Affiliate internet marketing

Affiliate marketing, offers a better way to promote your business products or services, by rewarding one or more company associate for each single visitor or customer to the websites, because of the efforts put by the associates. It is one of the best performance based marketing techniques to earn money online. This type of internet marketing basically involves four important parts i.e. retailer, network facilitator, publisher or affiliate, and the customer and completely depends on the finance that motivations to drive sales. It’s a revenue-sharing online marketing model that involves two parties, one that promotes another’s products or services and the other that provides commission or incentive for doing so. The first party is more commonly known as affiliates, publishers or advertisers and the later one is known as merchants. The commission is earned on the basis of sales, clicks, leads etc.

Affiliate Marketing Services
RPG Websolutions provides the affiliate marketing services for retailers or advertiser Brand, want to effectively advertise their products or services online. We consist of a team of industry professional affiliate marketing people experts in analyzing, planning, implementing and monitoring with focused and unbeatable affiliate marketing strategies to give you the complete affiliated marketing solution to your business, hike the visible by choosing the right platforms that will surely enhance the live lead generation. Now you can evaluate the return on investment on the basis of results of affiliated marketing, to see the difference in company previous and current improved ROI.

Payment / Compensation of Affiliated Marketing
The payment or compensation structure of affiliated marketing includes following methods

PPS – Near about 80% of affiliate programs use revenue sharing or pay per sale.
CPA – 19% Brands use cost per action (CPA) method, where publishers get paid (in percentage) when retailer closed the deal.
CPC – In cost per click (CPC) method advertiser needs to pay the publisher on the per click basis.
CPM – In this method, cost per mille, advertiser need to pay for every estimated 1000 views to the publisher and needs to buy a CPM inventory.

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