Top 5 Reasons to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Search

The smartphone revolution is on and it has become a must for every business today to focus on optimizing their website for an enhanced mobile search. Incorporating a responsive web design by every business will definitely help them to score a point in this regard. Moreover, with Google including the ‘mobile friendly’ feature as a part of its search algorithm, no business owner can ignore the need for having a mobile website design for his business. Following are some of the reasons which indicate the importance of optimizing a business website for mobile search.

1. Mobile traffic is overtaking the desktop
The smartphone bug has hit the whole world and today most of the world population has taken to the mobile for conducting their web searches. Studies indicate that in the USA, search engine Google and online retailer Amazon receive almost 50% of their traffic from smartphones and this figure shows no sign of abating. Desktop surfing has reduced drastically and the mobile website has taken precedence for shopping on online retail stores. One of the studies conducted in UK showed that retail websites received about 52% of its traffic from smartphones while 36% of their sales were closed from mobile devices.

2. Optimize Mobile Conversion
Unwieldy websites are bypassed by the mobile user who will move on to that of the business’ competitor. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the web page structure is mobile friendly, links are navigable, contact pages are easily accessible and the call to action is clear and distinct. Most of the mobile shoppers are said to be impulse driven and it is essential for the website to tap this impulse for greater sales by providing an engaging mobile user experience.

3. Better Brand Engagement
Shopping today is done through the smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops besides the store visits. Most of the people screen the websites on their handheld devices while on the move and go for the details or complete the task on the desktop or any other device. By providing an enhanced mobile user experience the business can create a set of loyal customers who will again visit the website on their desktopat leisure.

4. Increased Conversions
Studies have indicated that about 57% of the mobile users will not be interested in a website which takes more than 3 seconds to be loaded and 30% will leave their sale incomplete if the website does not have a mobile optimized shopping cart. Most of the mobile purchases are made on impulse or while watching TV or on the go and if the website provides a friendly mobile experience then definitely it will get the benefit of increased conversions.

5. Maximize the potential of your marketing efforts
Today most of the consumer shopping is done online with the brick and mortar stores taking a deep backseat. The business owner has to woo maximum customers through his website. In this context, a highly attractive desktop content alone will not suffice if he wants to widen the reach of his customers.Hiring the services of a mobile website design company to optimize the website for mobile users will ensure greater traffic through the desktop as well as through the smartphone. The business owner can go for an affordable mobile website design and aim for maximum pull of customers to his website.

Jitendra Raulo is the author of this article on affordable mobile website design. Find more information, about mobile website design here.

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