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When you first start making money online or have reached a hurdle in the road chances are you headed to a affiliate marketing forum hoping to find the help that you seek. The problem is the majority of this type of assistance are full of people who are more interested in selling you something than actually trying to help. In this article we will look at what makes the best affiliate forum where you can turn to for a hand.

A forum is a pretty basic concept where a group of like minded individuals gather to share ideas, discuss problems and come up with solutions with the prime example being health forums. What happens with affiliate marketing forums is that they do not have the same mentality the majority of the time for people seem to believe that if they help or share specific information it will cost them money in the long run. There is an affiliate marketing forum called Digital Point that has a ton of members but no real information is ever shared and instead it is full of sale pitches and unfortunately there are hundreds of similar sites out there.

There are forums that are created around affiliate marketing for specific products and they can be helpful to a point. Of course there are also forums that need to be paid for either once or on a monthly basis but the majority tend to be rather expensive. When you are trying to get ahead and trying to make a dime online it is essential to find a educational hub that has members of the same mentality knowing what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Around the web it is difficult to find an affiliate marketing forum with a better reputation than the Wealthy Affiliate University Platinum forum as the members of this site are known for being incredibly supportive, helpful and open in order to see all WAU members succeed. When you have a forum that is populated by people who make seven figures a year down to the new kid on the block you are going to have conversations that will help others succeed and this community strongly believes in passing on good karma. Imagine being able to find a affiliate marketing forum that is full of members who have been on the exact same path as you and know how to get past the hurdles and how to reach that next goal in an easier fashion who are willing to help others through their own journey.

There is only so much that you can learn from reading an e-book or tutorial and chances are that a hurdle that you will come across the best answer from a person who has already gone through it which is the point of a forum. If you are looking for a top affiliate marketing forum than you need to be looking at the Wealthy Affiliate University Platinum forum which a large portion of the WAU community believe is worth the price of admission. It comes down to how many tools you have in order to make money online and one of my most valuable is the WAU membership and their incredible affiliate marketing forum.

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