START FROM ONLINE SCRATCH: How to Earn from Home via Your Own Online Business… Affiliate Selling & Facebook Shopify Marketing

START FROM ONLINE SCRATCH: How to Earn from Home via Your Own Online Business… Affiliate Selling & Facebook Shopify Marketing

Product Description
Who Else Wants to Start a Facebook Shopify or Affiliate Marketing Business from SCRATCH?

Inside this bundle you’ll get 2 amazing training.

There are only 3 steps that you need to do in order to make your income goal. It can all be breakdown into product selection, shopify store creation and then facebook ad promotion.

Remember this and you will never be hungry!



The first thing that we need to do is find products that will SURELY SELL. I’ll teach you some techniques to know if a product is more likely to sell or not.


The next step is store creation. A lot of people get stuck in this part because they thought that it’s going to be super techie stuff.

Well I have good news for you. Just follow my instructions and you will have a fully set up store in 45 minutes or less.


Once you got your product and your store, it’s time to sell them via FACEBOOK ADS.I will teach you an idiot proof way of creating facebook ads! No need to be a genius to do it. It’s actually pretty simple once you tried it a few times.

– A 5 step process that will help you go from ZERO to a consistent $3k per month income online!
– How to choose the products to promote
– Where to find products to promote
– The exact criteria to follow every time you’ll choose a product to promote in your website
– How to create a wordpress website from start to finish
– How to choose the perfect keywords for your product
– What are the best bonuses and how this will make or break your promotions
– What services to use to help you rank in Google Fast and Cheap!

If you like to learn how to create an ONLINE BUSINESS in less than an hour, then what are you waiting for?


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    You work for a living. You work so you can pay the mortgage, run a car, put the kids in school and meet all those other day to day expenses.

    But what if you couldnt work? What if the income stopped?

    It wont happen, will it! But it just might.

    Unfortunately, it does happen to some people and there is the chance that you just might fall into that category through no fault of your own. You may get hit by the proverbial bus or you may suffer a severe and debilitating disease which takes you out of the workforce for some time.

    There are plenty of statistics to show that the chances of something happening to you to prevent you working and earning an income for a period are pretty high.

    In that instance, who will pay the bills? The sad fact is that most people automatically assume that they will be right either by not suffering a health or accident mishap or that someone else will help them out financially.

    For example, Medicare and your health insurance will only pay some of your health bills. You cant always depend on the family and friends to pay the bills and going into debt can be uncertain. Also, you never want to sell the family home just to keep paying the other bills. It is about maintaining a standard of living.

    Income Protection Cover
    Well, income protection insurance can help. With income protection, you can receive a regular income of up to 75% of your pre event income until you go back to work. For many, that can mean a short term, and for others, it can be almost a lifetime.

    Income Protection Insurance is a Must
    That is why income protection insurance is important for all age groups. Even for the person first starting out at work. They may work until they retire or they may only work one day. If an accident happens at the start of your working life, an income protection insurance policy can help you through the next stages.

    It is all about protecting your greatest asset, your ability to earn an income. Most people overlook this fact and immediately see their key assets as being a house or car. But you cant maintain either if the income stream stops.

    How much Income Protection Insurance do you need?
    The most frequently asked question therefore is how much income protection insurance do I need.

    This is generally assumed to be sufficient to pay the mortgage and other debts. But it is much more than that. Not having income protection insurance is only part of the underinsurance gap. Not having sufficient protection to maintain a lifestyle is a big part of the gap.

    Its an Investment
    Income protection insurance shouldnt be seen as a cost. It really is an investment. If you dont use it then you lose. If you are unfortunate to suffer a health setback and you do have income protection insurance, then you are financially ahead.

    Find the right Income Protection Insurance policy
    If you need money to cover your expenses during extended leave from work due to sickness or injury, you can bridge the gap with Income Protection Insurance. The funds from income protection cover can help pay for bills and living expenses.

    Speak to your trusted insurance adviser to receive an income protection insurance quote.

    This article is not designed to provide personal financial or investment advice. The information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs. You should speak to a financial adviser before you make any decision regarding Life Insurance, Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance, Trauma (critical illness) Insurance and Income Protection Insurance. The statistics and figures presented in this report are based upon historical data, obtained from external sources. Information is not directed to any particular persons risk and investment financial objectives. Therefore, you must seek advice tailored to your individual circumstances and read a Product Disclosure Statement before making any specific decisions.

    xLife operates Australia-wide providing a free personal insurance comparison service so you can compare the most competitive quotes for
    income protection insurance,
    income protection & income insurance

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