Residual Income Online Business Ideas

There is an extremely important factor that determines success or failure as an affiliate marketer and that is whether or not the company pays you once or pays you residual income for a single sale. This is a major factor you need to consider before you join any affiliate program.

As an affiliate, you need to work with companies that put you first. You are, after all, the one driving the traffic to their site and they do not have a lot at risk since they only pay you when you generate a sale. Many affiliate programs do not understand that. In fact, many programs out there are paying 5-15% commission on products they should be paying you a lot more for.

If you are promoting products from affiliate programs that only paid you one time for a sale, you would still need a job somewhere else to cover your basic living expenses. You need to work exclusively with programs that pay you residual income.

Residual income, on the internet, is basically selling a subscription service. When someone buys the product you get paid up-front one time and then each month when that person’s subscription renews with the company, you get paid again, every month for as long as that person continues using the service.

It is a fact that 90% of the people fail at generating any significant residual income online from affiliate programs because they are promoting products that do not pay a substantial residual income. You need to exclude any program that does not pay you residual income.

Affiliate programs that pay only one-time for a single sale are not good for your financial health. Think about it. It takes the same energy on your part to promote something that pays you only one time as it does to promote something that pays you every month forever. So would you rather spend a day to make a sale that you get paid for that day and that day only or would you rather spend a day and make a sale that pays you for the rest of your life?

There is only one right answer to that question. You should only focus on programs and products that pay you residual income.

Examples of products and affiliate programs that pay residual income online:

1) Internet Membership Sites

There are many sites on the internet that charge people a monthly membership fee to gain access to their services. As an affiliate you earn up-front when one of your prospects joins the program and per month for the life of their membership.

2) Web Hosting Services

For those who want to have their own website on the Internet a good web host is required. The great part about promoting hosting services is that when people get a website host, they usually stick with it for a long time. Promoting website hosting services is a great way to generate residual income online.

3) Online Business Opportunities

Online business opportunities offer another great way to get paid residual income online. The reason for this is simple. Millions of people are flocking to the Internet every day looking for a reliable way to earn extra income, so online business opportunities have become a huge industry.

The great thing about online business opportunities is that they are much easier than offline business opportunities. All you really need to do for these is find out where the people are searching for these online business opportunities and position yourself in front of them. You do not even have to sell the opportunity. People are going to join these opportunities anyway so all you do is setup your marketing in such a way that people find the opportunity through your link instead of someone else`s.

The key is choosing the right programs.

If you are promoting the wrong program, one of the following things will happen:

You will find that people will not join. Some will join and then quit and you won`t make anything. You will get lots of people to join and then not get paid fairly for your efforts. You will get lots of people to join, get paid well for a few months and then the company will go out of business. Sometimes you will get people to join and never get paid.

By focusing on promoting five or six good affiliate programs that pay residual income online you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

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