Quick Ways to Make Money

Times are tough and many of us need some quick ways to make money. Whether to pay some bills or emergency repairs, the question, how to make money fast comes up all the time. Sometimes you just need some cash money to bide you time until your next paycheck. Unexpected expenses catch all of us off guard at one time or another. Let’s cover a few ways to earn money.

Sell Stuff for Quick Cash

Everyone is familiar with garage sales / yard sales, flea markets, pawn shops, local ads, Craigslist.org, eBay.com, Amazon.com and more. There is your marketplace and you can make money fast using these outlets. While it is easy money, it is limited to the things you own. Ok, Now what do you sell for fast money?

Vehicles – cars , bikes, motorcycles, ATV’s, boats…


Art and collectibles

Electronics, games, computers

Musical instruments

Gold / Jewelry

Anything of value

Cash Jobs and Tips

Working for cash and/or in jobs that have a high percentage of tips is a good way to make money fast. I know wait staff and bartenders that have made over $ 300 in tips in one night. Granted, they busted their butt to earn it but $ 300 in one day! That is far from easy money but a very doable way to make money.

Waiter / waitress


Work Events – weddings, sporting events, festivals

Sell blood plasma / bone marrow

Construction gopher, yard work…

Painting, cleaning, handyman work

Make Money Online

The best part of an online income is the ability to make money at home or on the road. Another benefit is the internet works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Certain efforts pay ongoing or residual incomes – (your own website). They are the more involved ways to earn money online but well worth it.

eBay, Amazon, Craigslist

Blog and website creation

Graphic design – logos, banners…

Selling pictures for royalties

Write articles – freelance writer

Answer questions in your specialty online

Sell advertising on a popular blog or website

Paid online surveys

Data entry jobs

Affiliate marketing (sell other peoples products)

Sell your own products

There are quite a few ways on how to make money fast. To make money on the internet is is an easy way to earn money. Just about everyone has or has access to a computer on the internet. It is not free money but it is an fast way how to make money. It is easy to put effort into a passion or hobby of yours. If you can, try and use your interests and passions in whatever you chose to market. As an example, I have a hobby blog on growing hops. It makes me $ 50 – $ 100 a month in advertising and all I do is write about something I enjoy – growing hops. It is a very popular blog and people love to learn how to grow hops themselves. Everyone has something to offer, find your talents, follow your passions and earn money online.

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