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Are you an author who wants to publish an e-book on Amazon Kindle? The process is very easy. Once you write and proofread your e-book, visit the Amazon digital text platform.

From your dashboard, write your product details, upload and covert your document to digital text, set your selling price, and publish. In around 24 hours, your e-book will be for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Writing e-books for the Amazon Kindle Store is a relatively easy way for authors to make money. If you have experience composing articles or e-books, it will be easy to write your book. In fact, you can take a previous book you wrote and sell it on This is as long as your retain the rights.

Although the Amazon Kindle Store is a relatively easy way to profit from your talent, there are no guarantees. Just because a book is available for sale, it does not mean it will sell.

Of course, it is important to have a good book and a catchy cover, but the sale price goes a long way. Unfortunately, many first-time Kindle authors make a costly mistake.

That mistake is charging too much for their e-book. So, how much should you charge for yours? It depends, as there are a number of factors to consider.


Amazon allows you to upload and covert print books. If you wrote and self-published a book, you have 100% rights to the title. You can visit the digital text platform and easily convert your documents. If you do not have the original document, scan each page of the book. If you take this approach, review your current or former pricing.

Amazon asks that print books receive fair market value rates. For example, if you sell the print version of your book for $ 14.99, you shouldn’t charge $ 19.99 for it on

Length. E-Books come in a number of different lengths. Most fiction and non-fiction novels are at least 200 pages. On the other hand, how-to guides can be as few as 50 pages.

The length of your e-book should have an impact on your price. The shorter the book, the less you should charge. For example, a good selling price for a how-to book on doing your part to combat global warming that is 50 pages long is $ 5.99.

The competition.

Whether you compose a how-to book or a novel for the Amazon Kindle Store, scout the competition. Find your genre in their store or search for books with similar titles.

What is the average selling price? You don’t need to undersell, but opt for a price that is inline with the competition.

Your targeted market.

For the most part, consumers are likely to pay more for novels. If writing a how-to guide consider your targeted market and how much they can afford to pay. For example, a how-to book on saving money at the grocery store is designed for those looking to reduce costs and increase their savings. These individuals do not want to pay a lot for a book. After all, they are trying to save money.

Your royalties. gives each Kindle Book author a 35% royalty fee for each book sold. Yes, this does not seem like a lot. But, since you are selling your book on a popular website and targeting a specific market, you should make some sales.

Just make sure your selling price does enable you to make a profit.

In short, selling an e-book formatted in digital text is a great way to make money as an author. However, you need to proceed with caution when setting your selling price.

Aim too high and you may not get any sales. Aim too low and you won’t make much.

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