Protecting Your Affiliate Links

As an Internet Marketer, you make your money by selling products online. And depending on what types of products you are selling, you are either making a full profit or getting paid a commission. If you are getting paid by commissions, then you need to protect your affiliate links. In order to do this, you can use link cloaking software.

The affiliate link is very important, especially when making money as an affiliate. You need to give each product an affiliate ID in order to make sure that you track every sale. By giving an affiliate ID you make sure that your products and your affiliate links are protected.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to lose your profit by losing your commissions. This can easily happen if somebody makes a mistake when copying your URL. If the final part is omitted then you don’t have any commission.

Other ways to lose your commission are when somebody tries to put their ID instead of yours. This is a very common practice because people are always looking for products and when they find it they might want to see where you are selling it from. So they may join the program or change your ID with their ID and making your commission lost forever.

Most people check the links before clicking on them. The way to check a link is holding the mouse on it and waiting until it tells you the URL. This is a way many people use in order to avoid affiliate links. You have to try and protect your affiliate link by hiding it somehow.

If you want to protect the link you need to use link cloaking software. The link cloaking software will hide your affiliate links or, if you wish, it will redirect your affiliate link. The ways of cloaking are various and this depends on the cloaking program.

The best link cloaking software usually places the affiliate web page in the costumer’s own web page, making everything more trustworthy. So, people will see that the link corresponds with your own page and it keeps them on your website. This method makes them trust your links more and they will not avoid clicking on it.

Also, keep in mind that the affiliate link is hidden on the new page and this makes it hard for people to steal it and use it in their own benefit.

Both of these cases are possible to overcome with the use of link cloaking software. It is professional looking software, and many people online will never know you are using it. If you are using affiliate links to sell products online, then using link cloakers is a must.

Using a link cloaking software is one of the best ways to protect your affiliate links and ensure you are getting your full commissions.

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