Personal Trainers’ Guide to Earning Top Dollar: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Maximizing Your Income as a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers’ Guide to Earning Top Dollar: A Cutting-Edge Guide to Maximizing Your Income as a Personal Trainer

Product Description
Recognizing that multiple income streams are key to success in the fitness business, the Personal Trainers Guide to Earning Top Dollar identifies those streams and provides instruction on how to command your income. Noted fitness expert Ben Greenfield examines face-to-face personal training; physician referral systems; online training; Web 2.0 technology marketing; outsourcing to local and overseas merchants; dietary supplement industry; nutritional consulting; book, audio, and DVD sales; corporate and home training; public appearances and marketing. Each chapter makes learning how to train for top dollar as convenient as possible, by providing necessary step-by-step instructions, forms, templates, phone numbers, websites, real life examples, and insider tips and tricks.
An excellent resource to you advance your personal training career!

Price: $19.95

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    Product Description
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      When it comes to earning income online, there are many paths you can take. From infoproduct creation to blogging to affiliate marketing, all roads lead to the same place, making money online. If you’ve decided to take on the challenge of earning income online, congratulations! It’s easy to get to get started but those that really succeed have two things in common, passion and reason.

      Passion and reason are the driving forces behind and successful venture, whether it’s online or not. Without passion, you aren’t going to be able to motivate yourself to complete the work you need to do in order to succeed. Without reason you’ll find yourself hopping from project to project, being lead down the wrong path or spending money when you don’t need to.

      In fact, both passion and reason are so important that they have been part of the overall plan for success for centuries. Benjamin Franklin himself had some advice that should be heeded by anyone who is earning income online.

      “If passion drive you, let reason hold the reins.”

      This statement drives home several important points that, although intended to be about earning income online, are very appropriate for this situation. You need both passion and reason to succeed, but reason must control your passions.

      It’s very important to be passionate when you start an online business. Earning an online income is something that is challenging and exciting. It’s very different from other career paths and it requires you to think outside of the box and approach things from a different perspective. Without enough passion, you might give up.

      Passion can also help you through those times where it feels like nothing is going right. Success does not happen overnight in any field, and especially in Internet marketing. If you expect to put up a website and instantly see money rolling in the next morning, you’re going to be disappointed. Passion will help drive you to keep trying when success isn’t instant.

      Reason is also essential in making money online. It is very easy to get distracted online and lead down the wrong path. There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online and if you don’t let reason help you decide which is the right path, your passions will take you in a million directions. Reason has to be guiding forced behind what you do so you’ll have enough clarity to set measurable goals and carry them out to success.

      Since success doesn’t come overnight, your reason needs to help you understand this fact and work out a plan to carry you through the times when your efforts aren’t producing much. If you know that you’ve set a goal and you are passionate about it, your reason will help keep you focused on your plan and doing the work that needs to be done.

      As Benjamin Franklin tells us, reason has to be the tempering force for passion. When it comes to making money online, both passion and reason are important but remember to use reason to control passion.

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