Passive Residual Income, Super Easy Money To Be Made.

Defining passive residual income- Passive residual income also commonly known as passive- or just residual income is a referral to an income stream derived from a source on monthly or weekly basis, taking very little effort to generate. This if often what moguls and business tycoons refers to as your money working for you

Other possible definition- Another definition of passive residual income refers to money’s left after all debts have been paid in terms of clothing accounts, water and electricity bills or mortgages. In case of fully settled accounts, the amounts allocated toward these debts will also be regarded residual income. A very important distinction must be made between the different definitions of passive residual income, to understand the entire concept of this income types.

Residual income benefits- Residual income earners enjoy a range of fantastic benefits which include working hour freedom, office hour income generation independence, income variations, easy future retirement funding, diversified income sources and more time for yourself to enjoy life while still making money.

Con’s of the income type- The pro’s to the income type definitely outweigh the con’s. The only real problem with passive residual income is its potential to be used to entice naive internet users to get caught up in fraudulent internet scams. Some users may also advertise and sell all kinds of self- published ebooks containing advice and know-how of little to no value.

What are the types of passive residual income available?- Passive residual income sources include rental income, royalties on music or published literature, internet ad income, dividends and interest on stock and bonds respective, pensions and patent licensing income.

Why the internet?- The internet has become the most lucrative, money-making vehicle in the world giving great real value free to web users. Free value includes information, education and entertainment. Entrepreneurs and advertisers have identified the internet as one of the most viable business models to sell services and content since the start of web commercialization. Online businesses are inexpensive to start, overheads are minimal, software is often free and little to no office space is required.

Defining affiliated programmes- Affiliated programmes pay affiliate members of the programme a commission, depending on affiliate members referral performance in terms of promoting merchants product or service.

Is there any significant difference between affiliate programmes and passive residual programmes?- Oh yes, affiliate programmes only pay once-off commissions, depending on the affiliate type, while passive residual income programmes pay recurring commissions.

Affiliate programme types-Three affiliate programme types are available in the form of Pay Per Click which refers to affiliate referrer paid per merchant website visits, Pay Per Sale which refers to affiliate referrer payment based on percentage of successful referred sales and Pay Per Lead which refers to payment for either qualified or unqualified trade leads.

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