Passive Residual Income Is The Best Type of Income

Are you interested in gaining a great deal of wealth? But even more, there is a better way. There is a freedom that can be gained, by opening our eyes to the way we make income. It will take transitioning from an everyday method of making income, to a better way of making income.

Think about it for a little bit. Are you one of the people who work the nine to five, trading your time for money? It is almost like you run on a hamster wheel. Always turning the wheel but never getting anywhere. Don’t you want a change?

Let’s examine the three types of income. They are linear income, leveraged income, and passive residual income. let’s break it down:

Income Type #1 or Linear Income, is income generated by working at a job. When you work, you get paid. When you do not work, you do not get paid. This is how most people live their lives and why those who only work for Linear Income, can never stop working.

Income Type #2 or Leveraged Income is a little better than Linear Income, but still the optimum way to make money. This is because your income is based on the efforts of those who earn linear income. A good example is a small business owner with employees. Leveraged income does not offer true security, because linear income employees can quit, find a higher paying job, or even become your competition.

Income Type #3 or Passive Residual Income is a perpetual income that takes your finances to new levels of success. IF you stop working, it keeps working for you in the background. For a home based business, this is perfect. In this level of income, you look for opportunities where everyone has the same exact opportunity to gain based on their effort. Xango is a good example of this income, because of the down line commissions from repeat purchases of a consumable product, the mangosteen juice. You will make commissions for years, and even decades. It takes on a life of its own.

Think for minute. What income type best for your finances? I like the passive residual income because you don’t just get paid once, but you get paid from now on. What is not to like about that? This doesn’t mean that you don’t work; it just gives you the freedom to choose.

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