PASSIVE INCOME: TOP 7 WAYS to MAKE $500-$10K a MONTH in 70 DAYS (top passive income ideas, best passive income streams explained, smart income online, proven ways to earn extra income)

PASSIVE INCOME: TOP 7 WAYS to MAKE $500-$10K a MONTH in 70 DAYS (top passive income ideas, best passive income streams explained, smart income online, proven ways to earn extra income)

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Just imagine having $500 to $10K above your other income each month: money that could be used to send your children to college, go to a dream vacation, or utilized to pay off your mortgage early. Imagine that money continuing to come in all time, even when you are on vacation or are sick. The potential is limitless!

Author Natalie Hall has given us a very interesting overview of what you can do today that will provide you with income for the future. This book is a practical resource, not just theory for a classroom. If you are interested in establishing your own business, one that will generate an additional stream of income for many years to come, than this book is for you!

By reading Passive Income: Top 7 Ways to Make $500-$10K a month in 70 Days you will learn how to make money by:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Doing Podcast
  • Writing and selling your own eBooks
  • Createing Niche Websites
  • Monetizing YouTube Channel
  • Selling Informational Products

Most people are capable of success in at least one of these types of passive income.

The beauty of the passive income is that anyone with a good dedication, right guidance and diligent hard work can establish a reliable source of income. What will you do with that additional stream of income? It may well help finance those dreams that once seemed impossible.

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    How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Wealth and Riches with 12 Proven Businesses You Can Start Today

    Product Description
    Quit Your Job and Life the Dream Life with Passive Income
    What if you had enough passive income each month that you did not need to have a job?  How would your life be different if you had an extra $5,000 a month in cash flow?

    Amazon’s bestselling author, Dustin Heiner presents the remarkable findings of his journey with passive income and how he quit his job. Based on years of research and implementing the proven techniques from Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Farris, Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, John Altucher, and Grant Cardone, Heiner answers the question: What is the secret to quitting your job.

    In this book, you’ll learn:

    • How to escape the rat race of life and quit your job
    • How to start building passive income with 12 proven businesses
    • How to stop trading your life hours for dollars and make money as the rich do
    • How to develop and master a passive income mindset
    • How to build passive income businesses that will bring you monthly cash flow
    • How to start building passive income with 12 proven businesses
    • How to develop and implement a road map to quitting your job
    • How to find the businesses and investments YOU can use to leave the 9 to 5
    • How to plan your escape from your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)
    • How to ultimately be financially free with passive income and cash flow

    As the creator of the popular passive income and financial freedom blog, Dustin Heiner takes you step by step through the process for you toquit your job. He only took 9 years to quit his job with passive incomeand shows you the proven ways you can too!

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      Residual income is income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, from work you do only ONCE. One type of residual income is earned when a product is sold and the customer reorders the same product again and again requiring no additional effort. This type of order is referred to as an auto-ship. This business volume is what your recurring income is based on, so the more affiliates (or customers) on auto-ship in your network, the higher your residual income will climb. A good example of this type of business is a nutritional program that allows for repeat sales.

      A home business that uses leverage (efforts of other people) and that provides residual income is the best first step to creating wealth, which can lead to financial freedom (fire your boss). It is therefore very important for anybody who is looking to create a reliable source of income from an online business. Internet based MLM (multi level marketing) business opportunities offers this combination of leverage and recurring income. This income is made possible by being able to earn commissions on future purchases by your down-line. I believe that creating a stream of residual income is one of the best ways to build an extremely profitable online business long-term.

      Now you can create wealth with multiple streams of income. There is only one option you should accept in order to provide yourself and your family with a reliable source of income: Multiple streams of residual income. If so, then welcome to the wonderful world of ‘internet marketing,’ where the average Joe or Jane can actually create multiple streams of income with several great online business opportunities. Fortunately, turning a home-based business into residual income is not as hard as it may seem. We will examine a few examples below:

      – Affiliate Commissions: Affiliate ommission or residual income is the main source of income from affiliate programs. An affiliate program is a business which allows you to sell its products or services and earn a commission on each sale. In many cases, you can earn income (commission) on a service which is paid for on a monthly basis by the customer. This is one of the best possible ways to build your home based business income. Building residual income is a strategy for attaining financial freedom, and my web site has been created to help people achieve that objective.

      – Membership Commissions: Another way to earn a great residual income is to sell memberships and get paid a commission each month the membership is maintained. To be successful with this type of business the service must be perceived as valuable to members and be consistently delivered on time. The only way an online membership business can generate long-term income is through a high rate of customer retention. There are many programs available online which pay commissions for selling memberships and this can be a great source of reliable income for your online business.

      – Online Selling: The ability to create a residual income is a powerful and very attractive feature in network marketing and one of the fastest growing areas of opportunity is found in online shopping. There are many online programs where you can become an affiliate and have your own online store. When you introduce this opportunity to other people you earn a commission on what they sell from their online store. When people shop on your online store you earn a commission on anything they buy. This year, about 28% of those doing discount mall online shopping are expected to be women, up from 21% last year, according to Forrester Research.

      Residual income is the fun way to personal financial freedom. By now you should be able to see the advantages of setting up multiple streams of income. You can make money online with this simple and proven formula, which others use right now to earn multiple streams of income. I am a firm believer in the strategy of developing multiple streams of online business income to achieve true financial freedom.

      How can you create multiple streams of recurring income for yourself? I suggest using the one-bite at a time principle to create multiple streams of income. You start with one good program and focus on that until you achieve a steady stream of income, then repeat the process with the next online opportunity as follows:

      – First you need to identify a great affiliate program that meets all the criteria for success.
      – Create a budget for a minimum of six months and enroll in the first affiliate program.
      – Commit to spend a specific number of hours each week marketing your new business. Some programs like Success University provide a comprehensive Starter-up Guide.
      – DO NOT QUIT. You are building your own business and you must see this as the first step to achieving wealth and an early retirement.
      – When you start to generate a residual income with your first affiliate program, find another great program and repeat the process.

      A great way to build an income stream is to combine an affiliate program with smart marketing. There are thousands of articles written on the subject of marketing online and you can find many great ideas to help you get started. You will find that an endless flow of new ideas on marketing are being created for online businesses and you can always find more effective ways to market and grow your own business. This is what makes the Internet so exciting and challenging for most of us who are building multiple streams of residual income.

      I have been earning an online income with several great affiliate programs and MLM businesses opportunities for more than ten years. Some programs are great for a beginner as they provide fantastic training resource for learning how to be successful while you have the opportunity to earn explosive income almost immediately. So, you can be selective in choosing a home based business that anybody can succeed with and develop a reliable, sustainable income stream.

      Are you ready to start building multiple streams of income? Take action today and start building an income for early retirement.

      Earlyn Shuffler has been promoting affiliate programs and earning a growing stream of income for over ten years. He shares powerful ideas on how to start learning and earning with your own streams of income. Visit his website and see why he is following leaders like Stone Evans and Mike Glaspie who make Success University their top recommendation:
      Create Residual Income with Success University .

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