Organize With Plastic Storage Bins

Any household has a use for plastic storage bins. You can finally get truly organized using some properly-sized bins. You can find storage bins in both large and small sizes, and also ultra-light or thick and ultra-secure. Best of all, they improve your work area, no matter where you are.

Michael is an auto mechanic. He knows that the quality of his work is entirely dependent on the organization in his garage. Like most mechanics he stores his tools in a wheeled, three-tier cabinet. But, he also uses a large plastic storage bin for used motor oil. This type of bin is in the form of a 55-gallon drum and draining the oil into this container keeps his garage stays clean, and the large plastic drum can be easily and safely moved to a disposal area. There is a company which Michael pays monthly to provide this service at a low rate, and they take the used container and replace it with a new one. But this is a method you can use in your own garage at home.

Perhaps you don’t do your own oil changes — and that’s ok — you can still use a plastic storage bin to sort recyclable material like aluminum cans, bottles and newspapers. If you are handy in the garage, use a bin to store rags, or as a place to keep larger less-utilized tools out of the way but easy to get to.

Surprisingly, there are many styles of these containers. You can find a decorative plastic storage bin for softer areas of your home such as the kitchen. In Charlene’s kitchen, bins are used to store flour and sugar on her counters. There’s a matching utensil bin in the drawer for spoons, knives, and forks; and yet another bin to hold dishes while they dry after being washed. She was having an issue with her kids’ cereal boxes fitting neatly in the pantry, so she found a bin to take care of that as well. She found a useful bin features four large containers with sealing, airtight lids that you put the cereal into. At the bottom there is a handle to turn, which acts as a hopper and portions the cereal into a bowl. Not only that, but the whole thing can rotate around so you can choose the cereal you want. The extra room Charlene saved in the cupboard, she used to store holiday decorations for the kitchen which she uses throughout the year.

The stock room at Tom’s assembly company was a disaster. His employees were always asking him to order the exact same hardware over and over. He didn’t get it. There was enough hardware on the purchase orders to assemble 100 units, but somehow they only could find enough for half of hat. Tom put together a multi-colored plastic storage bin system to keep the hardware organized. Being able to choose multiple sizes was a huge plus, because some of the bolts were fairly big and required a larger bin. Some parts were very small, and so he kept them in a very small bin. His employees were able to save thousands of dollars on lost parts and worked much more efficiently thanks to the new sense of organization in the warehouse.

Having difficulty getting your area organized?? Invest in some plastic storage bins to make cleaning up and organizing easier.

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