Make Money Online – Why Anchor Text Cannot Be Ignored

If you want to make money online, then search engine rankings are something that you should strive to attain for your website. Although this may come as news to you, anchor text is what ultimately drives your search engine rankings. Anchor text is the keyword targeted text on one website, which is hyper-linked to another website. Essentially, it serves the purpose of showing that the site which is being linked to is relevant for that keyword. This is something that the search engines rely on heavily to determine a website’s relevance for a particular keyword.

One thing that always disappoints me is when I see someone add a comment to one of my articles, knowing that they are doing so to receive a one way link to their website, and simply post the URL to their website. Do you see what this person has done? They have missed out on a perfect opportunity to gain a valuable one link with relevant anchor text.

However, a word of caution. Do not expect to simply go around to relevant blogs on the internet, and place the same anchor text again and again. The search engines will catch on quickly to such a strategy as it looks extremely unnatural. What are the odds that everyone who links to your website is going to use the exact same anchor text? Hence, the search engines will view such a barrage with great suspicion, and most likely penalize your website. This is why you must make your anchor text links appear natural.

If you are having a difficult time grasping why you need a variety of back links with varying anchor text, just think about it for a moment. If different individuals around the world are linking to your website because it is relevant to a particular topic, do you think that they would all use the exact same anchor text? Of course not. You would more than likely see different variations such as, “targeted keyword”, “related phrase”, “”, or even the name of the website, if any. Thus, when linking anchor text to your website, you must make it appear natural by utilizing variation.

Let us look at an example. Staying on topic, say that you want your website to rank for the term, “make money online”. That being said, the majority of your anchor text should include this key phrase. However, it is important to also add different varieties of this phrase in your anchor text. For instance, you can sometimes use, “make money on the web”, “how to make money online”, “make money”, etc.

Another strategy which is vastly underutilized is actually using anchor text within the website itself. Most websites have multiple webpages. However, different webpages cover different subject matter. Therefore, if one page links to another page within the website itself, it should utilize anchor text which is relevant to the page to which it links. For instance, if your website sells electronics, and you have an internal page which is dedicated exclusively to iPhones, you do not want to say, “Click Here to see our collection of iPhones” with “Click Here” being the link. Rather, you want to say, “Check out our selection of iPhones”, with iPhones being the anchor text.

Now you should have at least a rudimentary understanding of anchor text, and how it relates to your ability to make money online. However, before you simply go and choose a handful of keywords and start linking them with anchor text, it is important that you do your research. Specifically, you must choose the key phrases which are most relevant to what your website sells. Often times people choose short key phrases because they receive a lot of traffic. This is a mistake. The reason why the receive a lot of traffic is because they are broad. Such key phrases are difficult to rank for because they have a lot of competition. Furthermore, they do not convert sales very well because they are often not very relevant. What you should be looking for are descriptive key phrases, with adequate search volume, and moderate competition. This is how you will make money online.

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