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Everyday people struggle to make money online for free wondering how to do it. The main thing is to learn not to work so very hard, but to learn from other’s paths and struggles to learn how to earn cash online and to make money for free. It truly is possible, you just have to have the write tools and be consistent at using them. If you do this, you truly can make money online for free at home.

Article marketing is a great way to make money online for free because it just involves your own efforts. You simply think of something that you are interested in, even just a hobby. Find some key points that you would like to talk about and simply write them down in Notepad or some other word document on your computer and submit them to the top directories online pointing them back with your affiliate link to the product you are promoting. It is an absolutely wonderful way to generate money online for free at home using your own thoughts and your computer.

Before you begin writing your article, you must do a little keyword research. You must target the title of your article and the body of your article to the long phrases or long-tailed keyword phrases that does not have a lot of competition. If you do this, it is easy to rank on the first page of Google the very first time you follow these simple rules. This is called bum marketing because anyone off the street could do this and make money for free online.

When is the last time you heard that you could take a bum off the street with no money, sit him down in front of a computer and watch him generate Clickbank sales? It is done every day. It is done by people who don’t even speak English as their first language, believe it or not.

There really is no reason why you can not make money online for free at home using your own initiative to write an article a day. You really can make money online for free if you have a little know-how and a computer and a desire to generate a part-time or full-time income from home. It really does work. It really is working for many people, I assure you. Squidoo offers a wonderful place to start as a free website for your articles and affiliate links.

What is that saying, just do it, and I would add, do it now! There is simply no reason why you cannot make money online for free beginning this week if you truly desire to. People everyday are making $ 20 – $ 100 a day or more by using the simple techniques of bum marketing through article marketing.

If you think you don’t have anything to share in an article, you are dead wrong. Everyone likes to talk about something and has special knowledge. You just have to stop and think about what you like to talk about in your free time that would be of interest to someone else. Something that you have spent time on – even if it is something that you like to purchase on a regular basis. Then, sit down and write an article about it – today and make money for free online.

You too can earn $20 – $100 a day when you learn how to make money free online

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