List of Top Text Link Advertising Networks

There are lots of ways to earn some money from a website or blog. But you can earn a lot with text link selling of your website has a good page rank and Alexa rankings. I’m writing this article assuming that your website has good Alexa ranking and Google page rank.

There are hundreds of text link advertising networks available today in the market claiming that you will be earning a lot with them. In today’s article, I am going to introduce you top text link adverting networks where you will surely be able to make some decent money from your website and blog:

Text link ads – Text link ads is an adverting company located in NY which helps both the advertiser and publisher to make money of their services. To include your website as a publisher here on text link ads, your website should have Google page rank 3 or 4 at least and good Alexa ranking as well. They send your earnings on the first of every month via check, Paypal or Payoneer whichever you recommend. According to me, Text link ads; is the best adverting company for selling links on your website. I himself have been suing text link ads on some of my blogs with great success.

TNX (Pronounced as the word Thanks) – TNX could be your ultimate target if you are willing to sell text links on your website. The good thing about TNX is that you can though on selling links on your website if your website doesn’t have some real PR. And if your website have a good page rank, then the price for every link that is sold on your website will be quite high. They have the paypal as the mode of payment and they send your payments once every month.

Linkworth – Linkworth has many adverting programs including text link ads which website owners and bloggers can use to make money. They have 70:30 commission ratio i.e. publishers will be paid 70 percent of amount they make with every opportunity and the rest will go to Linkworth account. They send the payments on the 10th of every month via check, paypal or bank transfer whichever you prefer. According to me, Linkworth is a win-win situation for both the publisher and blogger as it gives lots of money making opportunity to both with their website and services.

Linkadage – Website owners can earn money by selling text links with Linkadage. With Linkadage, you can sell links on PR as well as non PR pages and even can set your own pricing for links.

I am so excited to have released my video that will show you a way to build unlimited text links to your website. The best way to increase your SEO results is to have thousands of one way links. I will show you how to do it text link by text link until you are at number one!

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