Learn How to Make More Money by Selling Goods Online

How to make more money by selling goods online

“Give me money, that’s what I want.” Sounds familiar? The Beatles in the 1960s sang this theme song of baby boomers who are now already in their 50s to 70s. Baby boomers are still on the prowl for money. Although you are retired, you can still find ways how to make more money – and that’s what everybody wants, too.

Baby Boomers Don’t Give Up

A big chunk of baby boomers like you take on jobs to avoid the loneliness of an empty coop. They want the energetic lifestyles of people-on-the-job, and to stay in contact with friends. But how to make more money is always the number one motivator for seeking jobs online or offline.

Baby Boomers and the Internet

Stumped for ideas on how to make more money and how to make quick money online? How about selling great items? People love stuff that are handmade, artsy, and unique. You can tap the products of local artisans that target an encompassing market for your online store.

Selling goods online is a convenient option, and how! To make more money this way, you’ll have to have a start up capital for wholesale items and talk to local merchants to give you a commission for every item of theirs you sell online. You’ll have more goodies than you’ve ever imagined possible at no extra cost.

Here are the sites that offer outlets for your online business selling goods:

* eBay provides you access to a global market. For a monthly fee of $ 15.95, or for $ 499.95 a year, you get your own store with all the trimmings such as promotions and management tools.

* Multiply.com – Sign up for free and dress up your store windows with vivid and colorful pictures of your products. You’ll be having your database of customers in no time. No need to rent a space and hire people to mind the store

* MySpace.com – Another free site where you can put up your online store and have access to millions of viewers.

* Lovli.com – Also a free social networking site where people who love handmade crafts and other artsy stuff browse for products.

These social networking sites may not charge a monthly fee, but they’ll charge a modest commission for items sold. This is still cheaper and convenient.

How to Make More Money Selling Stuff

Offer an assortment of products for men, women, teens, and children. Scout for unique handcrafted products available in the locality, and learn what the others are selling online. Do some research beforehand to prep you for what’s ahead.

Hire a computer programmer to set up your site. Make sure he knows how you want your store to look like. You can browse online stores in the different social networking sites to give him an idea of your vision. Buy the necessary software if it’s relevant, or you can always upgrade later when you have the budget for the gadgets.

Think of a store name that will stick in people’s minds. And once you’ve got your first set of customers, start building your reputation on trust. Satisfied customers will be bragging that they’ve found a cutesy online shop with great stuff and good service. That’s how to make more money online.

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