Learn Forex FBS schools in Indonesia

Want to be a reliable trader???? the answer is just one. If you want to be a reliable and successful traders in the world have to learn forex trading Learn Forex FBS schools in Indonesia.

Why should I be in school learning FBS Forex Indonesia . ??????
Because FBS Indonesia (Indonesia Forex Business School) is one of the existing forex business schools in Indonesia and for the people of Indonesia.

FBS Indonesia Indonesia is a business school to help forex traders, especially traders in Indonesia to serve and facilitate deposit and withdrawl FBS suit through the local bank (Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI or Bank BJB) and other services.

Another advantage …. if we learn and open an account in School Learning FBS Forex Indonesia. . then we will have the opportunity to get additional USD 5 Bonus without deposit for each account “Micro”, so we can start trading immediately.
To receive a bonus 5 USD, please follow these 3 simple steps: 1. Open “Micro” account and verify your mobile for registration 2. Verify your account by sending your personal ID scan (license passport, driver) and proof of address 3. Click the “Get Bonus 5 USD” in the Personal Area

Keutungan else we could get a FBS MasterCard for FREE!
To get FBS MasterCard for FREE to be done is
* Open an account FBS Free markets T-shirts in the FBS, and then apply for a card in the Personal Area!
* Cost is $ 20 card. If you deposit $ 500 or more you get a free card!

Advantage if we have FBS Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard is:
* withdraw money from several accounts if they are registered in your name
* withdraw money from your trading account to it, even if you deposited via electronic payment systems or bank transfer
* check your card balance on the Internet and replenish it on the Payoneer payment system website
* pay for products and services in any part of the world
Another advantage of 30% deposit bonus FBS Markets
Each deposit we will get a bonus of 30% of our deposit
The Rule of 30% deposit bonus promo are:
1. Bonus is automatically credited to the trading account and will appear in the “Loans”.
2. Bonus can be drawn from the trading account after the total trading volume amounted order bonus divided by 3. Example: Your Deposit: $ 1000. 30% bonus: $ 300. 300/3 = 100 lots. In order to withdraw the bonus, you should be trading much 100lot
3. If in your account tredapat some bonuses, all bonuses accumulated.
4. Once you traded volume is reached, please contact our support staff to transfer funds into the bonus account balance
5. Bonus amount is unlimited.
6. If the client funds in the trading account is less than the amount of the bonus then the bonus will be canceled.
7. Bonus funds are not counted when calculating Margin Call and Stop Out.
8. Commission is not paid on trading partner with bonus funds.

So that I can convey information about the benefits and advantages which is owned by the School Learning FBS Forex Indonesia . so what are you waiting for join our community directly School Learning FBS Forex Indonesia.

Please for the trader to open an account at FBS Forex Indonesia Learning School. clicking the link below
Open account FBS markets Gratis T-shirt

To begin the deposit please click the link below
FBS local bank deposit BCA and Mandiri

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