Is Buying Traffic For Your Site Really The Best Move?

Most of us that own websites or own affiliate sites of any sort, know that traffic equals potential sales. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t get leads or people interested in what your selling, and you will never sell anything. What’s the point in having something to sell, if you aren’t going to take the right process in producing traffic? Without traffic, all your effort goes to waste, and frankly that’s not what having a site is about, right? It’s about success not failure! The point is to have as much traffic visiting your site as possible. Think of it as in terms of this; say you have a business offline but you’re in an obscured spot where no one can see you or no one knows about you. How would you fix something like this?

Chances are you would advertise anyplace possible, newspapers, magazines, TV, you might even make your “sign” for your business more out in the open, or bigger to make people notice it. Well that’s the same way your website is, especially when your first starting out and don’t have a good PR and don’t have backlinks. If you don’t advertise and get people to your site, you will never be known! If you are going to buy traffic, it’s better to buy 10,000 and get 100 sales, than buy 1000 and get 1 sale. The point is conversions, obviously. But in order to get higher conversions you will need to buy higher amounts of traffic.

Now a lot of people online that boast about receiving tons of traffic and tons of sales are doing so through paid traffic techniques and so the slogan; “you have to spend money to make money” comes in quite handy and is a very true statement. You could potentially advertise on every single classified site online, but the nice thing about buying traffic is you have a higher chance of targeting people that really are interested. I have tried classified sites and it seems I get a lot of people that ask a lot of questions, but no one wants to buy. Whereas I have bought traffic before and receive much larger conversions because these “ads” you buy get sent to people that are genuinely interested in your particular niche. For example, I have a business service; when I post this on classified ads the reason most people contact me is because they have their OWN business service and want me to take a look at it.

On the other hand, when I buy traffic I can send it to advertising or business or even website services and I receive visits from people that are genuinely interested in my niche. Plus, on classified sites you can’t guarantee visitors, and on a lot of traffic sites you can guarantee real visits!

So how exactly does something like this work? For the most part on most sites you will be charged per package say 1,000,000 Visitors, targeted to your niche for $ 785. This might seem like a lot but remember, they are being sent to your website and they are interested in your niche. Even if you only make $ 1000 you still profited! Besides sending traffic to my main site for sales on my services and or products, I also like to buy traffic with a unique 24-48 hour IP address for websites I have CPM advertisements on. You figure, if you get a good site that pays $ 3.00 per thousand views and you send 10,000 people which equals 10,000 views you just made a really quick $ 300. To me, that’s absolutely amazing. And it’s even more awesome if the traffic for 10k costs less than say $ 200 because then you made $ 100 in profits. Obviously these are just example amounts but you get the idea!

The point is; make profits and don’t overspend. The other point is that you don’t have to use paid traffic for any one thing, you can have numerous uses for something like this that could really pay off. Even tings like CPA offers (call per action) where you get X amount of dollars per free sign up. Affiliate websites where you sell actual products, CPM, services your selling, etc. You really could get your dollars worth on websites that offer paid traffic and if the site is really good they will offer multiple packages such as targeted, non-targeted, pop-ups, no pop ups, US traffic, UK traffic, 24 hour delivery with sound, 48 hour delivery without sound, casino, etc. Packages will usually range from 1,000 on up to 1,000,000 pending on the website! Tons of big companies online generate traffic of tens of thousands a day and a paltry ten to fifteen percent actually buys something, but that low percentage is enough to supply them with good business and in turn profits! Just imagine, you could potentially have the same “luck” they do!

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