Insert a Parking a Domain and Your Domain is Ready


Applying a parking a domain to your domain is quite straightforward and will provide you with all sorts of advantages. To begin you just need to upload the parking a domain to the server of your web hosting provider, after which you just navigate to your main domain name. Now you simply enter the keywords most relevant to that particular domain, the various IDs associated with whatever advertising platform you are utilising and your domain is ready for earning revenue while it is parked. Now, all you do is move on to the next domain. However, there is much more to our parking a domain than its face value.

Customise Your Domains

You might want to individually customise your domains, in which case our parking a domain provides you with a platform for you to be able to do this. Once you are up and running, with our parking a domain in place, all you need to do is to wait for your visitors who will earn you money. This is the prime reason why you have installed a parking a domain: if you hadn’t you would find that you would only be getting a percentage of the revenue commission being paid for visitors clicking on the URL links shown on your domain. At least with your own parking a domain you will not have to share your hard won commission with a parking company.

Features of the Parking a Domain

The domain software that runs our parking a domain is quite robust and technologically up-to-the-minute. If you decide to sell your domain at any point, a minor adjustment to the parking a domain is all you need to flag up the fact that your site is for sale. This will enable another platform so any purchasers can contact you with offers or, if you choose to, you can generate a bidding war by posting those prospective bids publicly on your website.

You may decide that you would like to customise the html coding in the parking a domain so that you can incorporate affiliate networks, banner exchanges or other means of earning money. The parking a domain already has a built-in interface that supports Google Adsense in both its contextual format and its format for Search Ads. It will also support Amazon Affiliate sites and the Ebay Partner Network without any adjustments being made. For any of these, all you need to do once you are registered with them, is to enter your ID number into the parking a domain and you are ready to go.

Special Bonus

At present, if you purchase the D-Park Pro parking a domain, you are eligible for a special bonus package containing more than 100 parking a domains. Basically, what the D-Park Pro parking a domain covers as standard is a script for Adsense, a script for an Affiliate page, as well as a content management system script that can be used as an independent database. However, there are loads of different scripts on the special bonus package, one of my favourites being the DNS Alert that monitors all your domains automatically and, if any domain needs attention you will get an email in sufficient time to be able to put the problem right. Now that certainly is worth buying the parking a domain, even without everything else!

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