Incorporate a Domain Parking Script Into Your Domain


When you operate a number of websites you certainly need something to cut down on the time you would need to spend on them if you had to keep everything up-to-date manually. Incorporating a domain parking script into your website will make it much easier for you to manipulate the links on each of your domains. The best domain parking script can be used on unlimited domains, whether they are run from the same host of from many different hosts, as well as supporting different ad networks, including affiliate network links. If you are maintaining a number of domains it is going to cost you money, so generating income from advertising is an ideal way of bringing in revenue.

Value on Domains

There tends to be a bit of a hue and cry about devaluing domain names, or artificially inflating them, but the true value of a website from where I’m sitting seems to be the result of targeted traffic. When you consider the comparison between a traditional bricks-and-mortar business and its cyberspace counterpart, the true value of a domain name gets put into context. You may have wanted to purchase the domain name ‘’ when it came up for sale not so long ago, but couldn’t afford the final £560,000 it was eventually sold for. That may sound a lot, but when you consider the rental and business rates payable on a high street shop, as well as fixtures and fittings and the cost of staff to run the place, you can see the gap narrowing between the two differentials.

Internet Clutter

Taking this concept a little further, incorporate a domain parking script into the domain that you are using to launch your Amazon Affiliate business. If somebody lands on your web page and is faced with the attractive interface of Amazon, a well-known brand, how are they to know that this website is actually a parked site? Of course they’re not – even if it crosses their mind. This is only slightly more evolved than PPC adverts where you land on a web page that has rows of advertisements, each with a link to click. It’s just that the content of your website filled with Amazon products is more attractive to a viewer, as well as being more enticing. This is down to the domain parking script that you uploaded to your web page. The more attractive you make your web page, parked or not, the more likely you are to generate revenue from it.


One way of attracting targeted traffic is to ensure that you incorporate context-sensitive information into your domain parking script. As a result of this, Google Adwords will recognize the content of your web site and generate advertisements that are especially relevant to the content of your web page. This is far more likely to be bring in revenue as the parked web page will show content especially relevant to a person’s search while the advertisements appear as an extension of the user’s search.

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