If You Want to Make Money Blogging Here’s One of the First Things You Should Do

Ever wonder how some bloggers are able to earn thousands of dollars a day, while others struggle to bring in a few pennies? If this sounds like you, the great news is, it’s no real secret. Quite simply, all you have to do is build a list. Across the board, successful internet marketers will tell you, “The secret is in the list.”

“But,” you might be thinking, “if it’s so easy, then when don’t more bloggers do it?” The answer is twofold: (i) most don’t realize that this is the secret weapon the big boys use to make money blogging; and (ii) many new bloggers never get around to building their list. In fact, many give up on blogging before they ever attempt it. Hence, they never realize the difference it could have made to their blogging success.

So if you want to make money blogging, one of the first things you should do is sign up with a list building company. There are plenty of them on the market. One of the leading ones is AWeber. It offers tons of tools for internet marketers that make it a breeze to start building a responsive list.

Put a subscriber box on your blog and start collecting visitor data from day one. Don’t wait until you, for example, build out your blog, have a few posts under your belt; tweak the new design, etc. These are just excuses – excuses that can delay your success as a blogger.

When visitors leave, they may never come back, so do this from day one. Once you have your subscriber box set up, go a step further and do the following.

Create a series of auto responses: Most list providers offer auto responders as part of their packages. This is where you can automatically send messages to your subscribers at set intervals after they sign up.

This is particularly important in the beginning because it keeps your readers engaged from day one. These follow-up messages can be a free course you offer, a free ebook, some of your most popular posts, etc.

Tip: In these early followups to your list, don’t sell so much (or at all). Your goal should be to engage prospects. If you come on too strong with sales pitches, you’re likely to turn subscribers off – and they’ll unsubscribe.

To make money blogging, you want to grow your subscriber list. So make them feel special – because they are. They are the bread and butter of your blogging business, so keep their needs front and center; not your need to sell, sell, sell.

I have grown my blog from a zero readership to one with over 100,000 social media followers and a rabid readership, which translates into consistent sales. Learn more about me and how I make money blogging every day – and how I can teach you to do the same.

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