How to Find the Biggest Selling Items on Amazon in the Hottest Niches

Your success in selling on the Amazon website will largely be determined by how successfully you can find the biggest selling items on Amazon in the hottest niches. You can list almost any item for sale on Amazon, especially if you have a Pro-Merchant account allowing you to create your own product pages, but without knowing what is going to sell well you will always struggle to bring in any large profits.

So what’s the secret? How do you find the biggest selling items on Amazon in the hottest niches?

It’s simple! Research!

It would be possible to make a list of some of the items that are currently selling pretty well online, but as that list would be out of date in next to no time your best bet is to learn how to discover that information for yourself.

Talk to anyone who has made a good living out of buying and selling online and they will tell you that research is one of their most important weekly tasks. Keeping it up allows you to:

– Find wholesale suppliers or other stock avenues such as cheap goods on eBay

– Stay on top of what’s selling well in your own niche market

– Keep an eye on your competition to see what they are offering to their customers

Obviously if you spend literally all of your time looking around the internet to discover the answer to those points listed above you won’t do very well actually selling anything, but you must realise right at the outset that without studying what’s going on in the world of online selling you will always struggle to make ends meet.

Top Tips for Researching Success

If you want to know how to continue to research successfully then you should incorporate these top tips into your work routine:

– Look at other websites, not just Amazon. There are some excellent tools on Amazon that can show you what’s selling well in a particular category, but don’t limit your research to that. eBay is another great resource that you can use to study what is selling well, or alternately why not look for more specialist websites that stock the goods within your own niche market.

– Keep an eye on popular forums and blogs that may be relevant to what you are selling. Let’s take an example; say you are an expert in all things horse related and have decided to start selling books and DVDs informing people how to care for their animals. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could tell you exactly what of information your prospective customers were looking for? The issues discussed within these blogs and forums will provide you with exactly that answer!

– Keep notes! It’s so easy to look up what’s selling now, adjust your Amazon store accordingly but then to forget that you ever conducted that piece of research. Why not set up a spreadsheet in which you keep track of those goods that seem to sell well at different times of the year? This could help you to pre-empt the market the next time the busy season comes around again, maximising the amount of profit that you could make.

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