How to Affiliate Marketing For Newbies

There has been a surge of new Affiliate Marketers as of late due to the current state of the economy. Many are trying to supplement there incomes by working online. You may be finding yourself in this new environment, wondering how to get started. It is very important to get an affiliate marketing education and you should enroll in some sort of online class or membership site to fill this need.

That being said, is it possible to make some bank while you are learning? Well as a mater of fact it is. This article will address the how to affiliate marketing for newbies. Making some money while you are gaining affiliate marketing skills.

There is a simple and effective technique that when implemented can pay for your
course(s) and put a little in the bank. The beauty of this is you need practically no skills, no website, and no money, well almost none.

Most affiliate marketing courses will charge you a monthly membership. At first that might seem to be a negative thing, but in all reality it is positive and can be turned in your favor. I belong to two of these membership sites. One cost $ 40 each month and the other cost $ 97 each month. I may seem insane to you but I really like these numbers, and here is the reason why.

Both offer an affiliate program. I am not talking about the course or schooling itself but rather their referral program. Both will give you 50% commissions for anyone you can get to sign up to the program. You will be showing a profit on the third referral! Your education becomes free at this point and your are now in the black, making some bank.

This is not some MLM scam. No one is left holding the bag with a ton of useless products. You are encouraging others to take advantage of the very schooling that is teaching you to make money online. Your referrals will be thanking you for tipping them off to this valuable information. This is no joke, I get thank you emails each day from referrals.

Back to the how to affiliate marketing for newbies. Any merchant worth his or her salt spends thousands of dollars on their advertising program. This means that since these courses offer an affiliate marketing program for their members, they have spent thousands of dollars on development and testing to get their sales pages (the ones you will be using) to be high converting power houses.

All you have to do is send traffic to their sales page and they do all the rest of the work and give you 50% of the revenue! By the way this is a monthly stream of income. Contrary to popular belief you will NOT need a landing page to pre-sell your customers. You will be sending them straight to the high converting power house of a sales page your merchant spent the money to develop. 100% of your referrals will be reaching the merchants high converting sales page. None will be getting lost at some pre-sell landing page you spent hours to make and money to host.

Here is more how to affiliate marketing (for newbies). You need to register a domain name. If you shop around this can be done for less than $ 10 for the year. Only register the domain, do not purchase hosting or anything else. Make sure of two things when considering a domain. It should be easy to remember and it needs to be a .com, not a .info or .tv or .net or any other confusing extension. Make the domain blend able with your product you are promoting. For example, if promoting, register and appropriate domain like or

Once you have your domain then forward it to you affiliate link. This is a free service just like when you move and you have your mail forwarded. Your referral will be sent directly to your merchant’s high converting sales page!

Now you can spend your valuable time on your education and implementing the skills learned to send traffic to your new domain. You will be wasting no time trying to learn to build landing pages, setting up and paying for hosting accounts, testing and retesting conversion rates or any of the other obligations that come with having your own web site.

I have affectionately named this how to affiliate marketing technique the Newbie Jump Start for it simplicity and ease of use. I’m no Einstein and this technique is not an original idea. This and many other skills, the how to affiliate marketing, I have learned by enrolling in several great affiliate marketing courses. A sort of investment in myself. I would encourage you to do likely.

Robert E Hemken Jr – Top Paid Affiliate Info

Robert E Hemken Jr has overcome the How to Affiliate Marketing for Newbies and believes it is possible for anyone who will invest in themselves to have the same success.

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