How Long Will It Take My Affiliate Marketing Business To Make Money?

This is probably the most asked question everyone asks their mentor, upline or affiliate partner when they are just starting out. The answer depends on a lot of factors, most of which come down to the person asking the question.

If you follow a proven system or plan and do everything right, the money should start rolling in very quickly. The key here is finding the perfect, duplicative system for you. Remember systems work, people fail. Why do you think that McDonalds is so successful? It’s certainly not because they have the best food! They have a simple, duplicative system that every single franchise owner follows exactly. Once again, systems work, people fail. If you want to be a farmer go to a successful farmer and learn his techniques. And if you want to have a successful affiliate marketing business go to a successful affiliate marketer, plug into their system and watch the profits start to come rolling in.

For beginners just starting out this is the best and most proven way to get into the affiliate marketing business quickly with the least amount of effort. Just find some one who is successful and plug yourself into their proven system. Once you have learned the ropes, you can even start your own affiliate marketing program and have other people selling your products. You could even write an ebook about your success with your affiliate marketing business and sell it or give it away to market your affiliate programs. The possibilities are endless really.

Another key factor when just starting out is what you do with your first profits. After finding the perfect system for you this is probably the most important step to success. A lot of people believe they can take that first profit and start spending it, which they can if they want to put their affiliate marketing business in the ground very quickly. But the wise affiliate marketers see the big picture and reinvest those profits back into the business to keep it rolling along and growing.

So many people have a get rich quick mentality – the amount of people who hop around from one so called hot opportunity to the next is proof enough of that. And the thing is, these poor folks could be making some really good money with their affiliate marketing business if they would just do 3 things.

1. Find an affiliate marketing business with a proven, duplicative and profitable system.

2. Stick with it and don’t quit or change programs no matter what.

3. Reinvest your profits back into your affiliate marketing business to keep it rolling along and growing

All that money they are spending on the next so called miracle program is money they could have been investing back into their affiliate marketing business. If they would have just stuck with the first program they joined (if it was a proven winner) and used all that same money they spent on the other programs for advertising and marketing that program they would have become successful. Success was right around the corner and they didn’t even know it!

Lets say you do your homework and join a proven affiliate marketing business program with a simple, duplicatable system. And you start out by placing one ad in an ezine that costs you $ 100 dollars. After all is said and done you end up with $ 200 dollars total, that’s a $ 100 dollar profit. Now take your $ 200 dollars and run 2 ads total. After both ads run you have a total of $ 200 dollars profit plus now you have a list of customers you can make other offers to as often as you like. Just keep repeating this process and growing your customer list. Then follow up with your customers on a regular basis. As they say, “the fortune is in the follow up”. Your affiliate marketing business can really be as simple as that.

Then after 8 to 12 months you could easily be bringing in over $ 1,000 a week. That’s when you take some of that hard earned money and have some fun with it. Reward yourself. You deserve it!

You can easily speed up this process by adding other marketing strategies to the mix. Many of the strategies you can use in your affiliate marketing business are free! Free affiliate marketing techniques are actually my favorite to use. The reason being obvious. They are FREE! And what’s even more exciting is the fact that some of the free techniques are the most effective. Like writing articles like the one your reading now. Or placing free classified ads. Then all you have to do is submit them to free article directories and classified ad directories and before you know it your affiliate marketing business will be all over the internet.

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