How Does Google Feel About Affiliate Marketing Today?

When Google began to kill websites with their “Penguin” update many people thought they were out to punish affiliate marketing websites. I’m not really sure that was the case.

For example, Google has their own affiliate network. If you build websites, and promote products from companies that are in the Google affiliate network, why would Google want to kill your business!

Another thing is Google makes the majority of their money from advertising sales. Their Google Adsense program is an affiliate program that brings them in a lot of money.

Not only is Google making money selling advertising across the top and down the right-hand side of their search engine, but they’re also making money selling ads on other people’s websites. Many of these websites are affiliate marketing in nature.

There are a number of ways to make money online and monetize a website with affiliate marketing products. Certainly Google Adsense is one of the most profitable as they pay out literally hundreds of millions of dollars in affiliate commissions.

If they were so down on affiliate marketing wouldn’t they in fact be punishing themselves? I just don’t think that’s the case.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this from people I respect. At this point there seems to be a consensus that Google really is looking for authority sites as opposed to an affiliate site.

An affiliate site is a site that is built for no other reason than to just promote a specific product. In the past I would call these micro-niche sites.

You can still get a micro-niche site ranked on Google fairly quickly if you do your backlinking the right way. However, if you have an eye on the future is that really the best thing to do?

Authority websites take a lot of work to not only get ranked, but to build out with fresh content. To me this is one reason why Google is going to be in favor of these type of websites.

Most Internet marketers are not going to do all the work that it takes to develop an authority website. It’s just too much work.

If you build an authority website, and montetize it with affiliate products you are not going to be punished by Google. The reason very simply is you are helping them to deliver quality content to their searchers when you develop a site like this.

You deserve to be rewarded monetarily for putting in the effort. Google understands this and if you have affiliate products on your site I really don’t think it matters to them one bit.

If you are worried about it join the Google Affiliate Network and promote products from affiliate merchants in it. Also promote Google Adsense and you can make money by the sale as well as by the click.

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