How Does Affiliate Marketing Work For You And How You Can Make Money From It

If you’ve decided to finally jump into the Internet game with an eye towards grabbing a little cash from it, you need the answer to a simple question: How does affiliate marketing work? It can be answered easily enough, though the execution of an affiliate marketing plan is equal parts art and science.

Affiliate marketing is strictly something that belongs to the Internet. The way it works is that a merchandiser will pay an affiliate for generating a customer or someone who buys something from the merchandiser. The customer gets to the merchandiser through the efforts of the affiliate.

Most times, an affiliate will make his or her money through those fees, or commissions. There can also be small fees paid when a consumer clicks on an ad the merchandiser has placed on the affiliate’s website, but that’s pretty uncommon.

Marketing in this way is big business on the Internet. Basically, the affiliate will use his own website to entice visitors over to the merchandiser’s site, where a sale may result. If the affiliate has done his job well enough and that visitor buys something, then the merchandiser will pay a commission or fee.

Affiliate marketers use a variety of processes to earn a profit. In its most basic form, the affiliate sets up a website that’s related to the merchandiser’s products. Ebooks on fly fishing, for example, could result in some affiliate setting up a site about fly fishing. For instance, how to fly fish, and the seven secrets to successful fly fishing – which can be found in that merchandiser’s Ebook – are both ways in which to get traffic at the affiliate website over to the merchandiser’s site. Meanwhile, the affiliate is also trying to be highly visible over at the big search engines in order to attract as much traffic as possible.

Affiliate marketers live and die on search engine placement (called “rankings”), and they spend a lot of time trying to get highly ranked, i.e. on the first few pages of the search engine. One way they do this is by writing and submitting articles – on finding a good entry level guitar, for example – to article directories. Naturally, those articles will have links back to the affiliate’s website.

The most successful affiliate marketers use a wide variety of techniques and processes for getting traffic to their own sites and then moving that traffic to a merchandiser site, where a sale will hopefully result. There are any number of tip sheets, guides, and software programs on how to set up a successful affiliate marketing site. Learn as much as you can and you may find yourself making a nice living, eventually.

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