Happy Willa’s Dad’s Day;Willa’s Wild Pony Tale

Happy Willa’s Dad’s Day;Willa’s Wild Pony Tale

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    Autographed – There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is: A Complete Insider’s Guide to Earning Income and Building a Career in Voice-Overs (Third Edition)

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    A complete and indispensable guide to launching a career in the lucrative field of voice-over work.

    Voices are increasingly in demand for commercials, cartoon characters, announcements, and other spots. This outstanding handbook explains how to launch a career and find work. Along with sample commercials and script copy, the author gives advice on vocal exercises, self-promotion, and business matters. Chapters include: getting started, voice-over aerobics, copy basics, melody and tempo, layering techniques, believing what you say, commercial and stylized characters, corporate narration, animation, video games and toys, getting an agent, marketing your talent, and staying on top of the business.

    This expanded edition features new tips on making a demo CD, vocal modulation and breath techniques, advanced copy-reading strategies, and a section on how copywriters see the job of the voice artists for whom they write. If you’ve ever been interested in voice-over acting, you need this book!

    Your copy is personally signed by the author.

    About the Author
    Elaine A. Clark has performed, for more than twenty-five years, in commercials (Clorox, Macy’s, TiVo, Amazon.com, Panera Bread), video games (Aliens, Dark Wizard, Spawn, Mario’s Time Machine, D2), corporate narrations (Microsoft, Oracle, Kmart, Genentech, Cisco), anime (Saikano, Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, Film Noir), voicemail systems, talking products, and toys. She is the owner of Voice One in San Francisco, a voice-over, acting, and improv training academy. In addition to performing and teaching, Ms. Clark is also a freelance director, producer casting director, and audio engineer. She lives in San Francisco, California.

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    • Autographed by Author and now with Free Shipping
    • Voice-over aerobics / Building a character
    • Commercial characters
    • Corporate narration and documentaries
    • Marketing your talent and much more

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