Guide To Becoming A Rich College Student: The Power of Scholarships and Passive Income

Guide To Becoming A Rich College Student: The Power of Scholarships and Passive Income

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    Do you want to know how I’ve learned a “residual income formula” arising out of my computer “income game”?

    I declare “income game” jokingly, as that’s what I have been implicated of at home when I first began to learn how to draw residual income from blogging. My husband was refined about it, he at no time pronounced it could not be done… merely tease relating to how I was spending time on my “internet income game”, which by all means, justifies him to play is race car games on his computer. (LOL!) He teased me, that is, until I started earning true residual income!

    Even though I truthfully take the attitude that actual computer games are a waste of time, I did arrange to construct a game out of my “residual income formula”, which is what I am counseling for you to accomplish here also. The reason is because, if it is a game that you can “win” once in a while, then the accomplishment will give you the support you really need to keep at work, and perseverance is the true secret to income from blogging.

    Here’s the object of my residual income formula “computer income game”..

    Now that you feel certain of that the first aim is to have fun, here is the object the game: To get your blog link to score on page one of Google. This is truly easier than you envision. Nevertheless first, you need to understand how Google rates blogs… only two tactics to keep in mind here: popularity and relevancy. Keeping this in mind, here’s my 5-step residual income formula…

    Residual Income Formula Step #1: Begin with a group blog site

    Now, possibly you even now have your own blog, and possibly not. Either way, you have to have a team blog website to start your residual income formula course of action. Why? Because a group blog is even now popular on Google. You are able to honestly find this out yourself by going to “” and downloading the toolbar free of cost. “Alexa” is the grading course of action that Google uses to score websites according to how crowd-pleasing they are. The smaller the score, the more crowd-pleasing the site. The group blog site already has a minimal Alexa score on account of it already has tons of traffic funneled through it on a daily basis. If you possess your own personal blog, then you will desire to link your blog to your team blog.

    Residual Income Formula Step #2: Keyword Research

    This is where I get started. Naturally, it’s not as difficult to score on page one of Google if you are trying to rank a keyword phrase that no one is looking for. But let’s be serious here; if the real goal is to gain residual income, then why still start in the first place?

    Here’s the thing: In order for my residual income formula to really generate leads, you really require to frame your blog page around a keyword phrase that gets between 100 and 2000 global searches monthly and has minimal competition. It’s easier to rank a phrase with several words (“long-tail” keyword phrase) than just only one or two words. You are able to access the Google keyword phrase site at “”. Once you click the tab for tools, keyword tool, you can check out how many people are searching for a certain keyword phrase. You’ll notice that in this article, my keyword phrase is “residual income formula”. As well, take note that this phrase is in all three subheadings on my blog post – H1, H2 and H3.

    Residual Income Formula Step #3: Social Networking

    Make certain your page is relating to a happening that people will find inspiring; preferably, information that will help them find pleasure in some manner, or lessen pain. Then, post it to all the social networking websites you can, in particular Facebook and Twitter. You can achieve this assignment easy in five minutes if you use Onlywire or – both of these websites will submit automatically to 40 different social media websites all instantly when you only type in your site link into the post area and click submit.

    Residual Income Formula Step #4: Video Marketing

    YouTube has an Alexa rating of 3, which means it is the third most accepted site on Google. Consequently, it stands to reason that if you point your blog page to a YouTube video, this will pull up the popularity of your personal blog site. If you are camera shy like me, no worries. Simply record the screen on your blog post, and record a “blog announcement” video. This is seen as a video just like any other, and still has the potential for ranking on the top of Google! I take advantage of Camtasia software to do this.

    Residual Income Formula Step #5: Back-linking blueprints

    The backlinks will connect together the aformentioned techniques in a way to get your residual income formula to retrieve you that residual income, at the same time as you “win the game” by ranking on the top of Google!

    Here is my key: I insert a link for my “anchor text” to my high page ranking team blog, and the other link to a YouTube presentation. Both of these websites are presently crowd-pleasing on Google, so that pulls up the popularity of my own site.

    Nevertheless how can you get income from blogging if you don’t possess your own blog?

    You are able to actually simply use the team blog website and customize it to your own specifications, and adopt that as your blog platform. Nevertheless if you do this, I would also combine article marketing into the strategy. From the team blog page, I would transmit links to YouTube and a high page scoring article directory website. The idea is to get as many high authority sites pointing to your material as conceivable.

    Hence what precisely does developing income from blogging have to do with my residual income formula?

    Remember the group blog site I mentioned above? It pays 100% commissions directly to your account! As a senior citizen who was inexperienced in sales and internet marketing, I managed to begin getting residual commissions arising out of my downline in my third month!

    Consequently once you use the strategies I’ve laid out above with the team blog site that helps you promote, that equates to the best residual income formula!

    Learn more about the residual income formula . Stop by Nancy Harnell’s site where you can find out all about income from blogging and what it can do for you.

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