Getting The Most Out Of Pay Per Click

If you have previous experience with pay per click then you may already realize that even though this type of marketing is not much complicated it certainly could use some improvement. In the past it was quite simple to pick up few Clickbank products that look profitable and hook it up to PPC campaign to see quick results. Times changed when pay per click became more popular and at the same time more competitive, It wasn’t so easy anymore and pricing went up as well. Here are few methods to help you get the most out of your next PPC campaign.

Importance of list building

You are paying for those expensive PPC clicks, so make sure you get the most from them. Instead of sending the visitor to a static sales page, why not incorporate a subscription element, to capture email addresses? You could possibly give away a free product, like a short report, which fits the niche of the product you are marketing from the Clickbank affiliate network.

Try different PPC providers

Many affiliate marketers state that the best way of making sales through affiliate networks is only through Google AdWords.There are now many other PPC services you can use and in some cases they may perform far better than AdWords. To name few: out AdBrite, Clicksor and Chikita. Do some research, try them out, you may be very happy with the end results.

Creat a sales funnel

The single most profitable tool employed by internet marketers at this time is the sales funnel. A sales funnel is used by affiliates to create a guided sales process, which takes the purchaser through several levels. Typically, once the buyer has shown an interest in the product, the Clickbank affiliate will offer them up sells (upgraded version of the product) or cross sells (similar products) as part of the sales process. This enables the affiliate marketer to wring every ounce of value from each customer. For a full description of setting up a sales funnel, there are some excellent free resources to be found on the internet.

Just by taking a look at these three simple ways in which the pay per click affiliate model can be extended, we can see that there is additional mileage to be done. It is pointless paying for expensive PPC clicks as an affiliate, and failing to exploit them fully. Each of the methods outlined above can be used to extract extra profits from an existing Clickbank affiliate business.

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