Get Accreditation From An Affiliate Marketing Online University

Before we talk about affiliate marketing online university and is origins i would like to talk about how it all began. These days we live in an information age. What that means is that gone are the days of hard graft manual labour jobs. The industrial revolution is gone and buried. These days more and more people need various types of information that is documented and packaged in some form so as to be accessible at anytime.

With this information action can be taken to achieve various forms of goals. With the advent of the internet all this information magic became possible. Now people can log on the internet and watch streaming video, play online games, partake in social networks i.e twitter, facebook etc. Because the internet is an information superhighway savvy marketers have devised various means to obtain information, package it and sell it to hungry crowds.

What i mean by this is that most people go online searching for solutions to various problems they may have. To get access to the information they thing might help them they type in certain keyword phrases they think will help them get the information they are looking for. Most of these surfers are looking for information which will lead them to products and services that would be of benefit to them.

Now savvy marketers know this so what they do is research possible keywords in different niches that surfers might type in the search engines i.e google.
Then they either write articles or create ad groups for pay per click campaigns to advertise there information products and services. This is where the advent of internet marketing came into existence. There are two groups that make up internet marketers. Publishers and advertisers. Publishers would be more interested in internet marketing online university while advertisers would be more interested in affiliate marketing online university.

For this article we will focus on affiliates. The difference being that publishers create their own products and acquire affiliates advertise for them. Affiliates don’t create their own products but advertise and sell other peoples products. Both types of internet marketers both make a hell of a lot of money selling and advertising to a global crowd. Most publishers start off as affiliates and eventually become publishers when they venture into product creation.

There are many products out there that will teach you in the form of either ebooks, dvds, audios, seminars how to become an affiliate or even a publisher. Most publishers sell ebook courses and high ticket courses on how to start a home business. These are just a few of a wide spectrum of study gateways out there for those interested in entering the lucrative business of internet marketing.

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