Finding Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs For Your Online Home Business

Advertising is the name of the game, and if you are new to the internet and affiliate marketing, it is very easy for you to get lost. Almost all webmasters on the internet now use affiliate marketing to be making money online. Yes, we all know that you are compensated via ads on your website and this is the best way to be making money online for your online home business. Once again, there is much more to it than simply generating sales and earning money. You can earn money even if you do not generate sales. So let us look at the various types of affiliate marketing that can boost your online home business profits.

Pay Per Lead

This is one of the most lucrative online home business opportunities ever. All that the visitor on your site has to do is click on the banner, enter the merchant’s site and fill a form with their information. You get a commission that ranges from $ 2 to $ 20. This is also one of the most sought after forms of affiliate marketing and hence, not many marketing agencies offer these programs nowadays.

Pay Per Click

This is also lucrative but the commission amount is extremely small. The reason is that you are making money online the moment the visitor clicks on a banner on your website. It dos not matter even if he does not buy or does not fill up a form. If he has clicked on the banner, you get the money. This is a wildly popular way to make money for your affiliate marketing online home business.

Pay Per Sale

This is the most common type of internet affiliate marketing program that you will find on the internet. It gives you a percentage of the sale that you generate. The percentage may range from 20% to 75%. Some merchants even offer up to 90% of the money. This is a fantastic way you can be making money online. You do not actually have to sell anything; you just have to entice your visitors to click on your affiliate marketing link, and when they buy from them, you get a huge commission.

Multiple Tiers

You can also earn a percentage of sales by recruiting secondary and multiple tier affiliates. Therefore, any sale that they generate gives you a percentage of the profit as well. Not many internet affiliate marketing programs offer this program.


This form of internet affiliate marketing is gaining popularity quickly. It is becoming one of the most sought after programs for online home businesses. It offers you a percentage for each sale that you send to the merchant’s website. Therefore, as long as you can generate sales, you continue to get paid. The effort taken is minimal. All you have to do is set up a banner and let it go. As long as the banner generates sales, you are making money online.

So depending on the traffic to your websites, you can select any one of these great affiliate marketing strategies for your online home business and be making money online soon. If you would like to be your own boss, then affiliate marketing might be the answer you are looking for.

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