Elizabeth Earns Her Ears: My Secret Disneyland Cast Member Diary (Earning Your Ears) (Volume 8)

Elizabeth Earns Her Ears: My Secret Disneyland Cast Member Diary (Earning Your Ears) (Volume 8)

Product Description

Smile and Say “College Program”

Shy Jersey girl Elizabeth has always had a soft spot for Disney, and for film, and so she decided to pave the way for her future career at the Disney studio by applying for a semester of “work study” as a PhotoPass photographer at Disneyland through the college program.

It’s hard to channel your inner Spielberg from behind the lens of a company-provided SLR camera taking scripted shots of persnickety guests. But Elizabeth took the exposure and ran with it, happily crossing off personal goals on her “things to get done at Disney” list, and (as so often happens in the Disney College Program) gaining maturity and confidence from dealing with moments both magical and miserable.

Former Disneyland Cast Member Elizabeth Coram shares:

  • The unique pleasures and pitfalls of working as a PhotoPass photographer at Disneyland
  • A simmering roommate feud explodes over the amputation of a construction paper cut-out called “Big Turkey”
  • How rain and Disney bureaucracy spoiled Elizabeth’s photo shoot of a wedding proposal at Sleeping Beauty Castle—but put 40 bucks in her pocket, anyway
  • How a cast member shortage and Disney bureaucracy spoiled Elizabeth’s “dream date” with Jack Skellington—but then a happily ever after salvaged it
  • Plus, the usual EARS mix of off-the-wall guest and cast member stories, and enlightening peeks backstage at Disney theme parks


Elizabeth Earns Her Ears is the eighth volume in the popular “Earning Your Ears” series. If you’ve never been in the Disney College Program, this is the next best thing!

Price: $14.95

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