Earning Tips – How To Get More

Some jobs allow you to make money by earning tips. Some of these jobs are in the hospitality industry. Waiters, hotel bellboys, and bartenders are some examples of careers that can make you earn extra cash with gratuity. Most people who earn tips get to save that extra money for emergency expenses or for a vacation. A few are able to earn enough tips to live on them. These are the guys who are able to please customers who are so grateful they end up giving huge tips.

If you want to know how to make your customer give you larger gratuities, you don’t have to look any further. You can find the info you need right here on the net. Many will advice you to smile and talk to them, but there are still more tricks to earning tips than those basic things. You can start with a smile of course, it doesn’t take much to do that. make a conscious effort to be pleasant to your customer.

So, instead of putting on a poker face or looking smug because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, make that tiny effort to smile at your customer. The rewards will actually put a real smile on your face in the form of larger gratuities. Earning tips is easier than you think, you just have to know the subtle tricks to make you customer open their wallet.

If your customer remembers you he will likely call on you every time he visits and will expect you to serve him as a regular client. Try to make yourself remembered by introducing yourself and giving your first name. Wear a fashion accessory that will make your image stick to his mind. Earning tips is simple, just make that extra effort to stand out and be remembered. Regular clients usually give tips every time they visit.

Another trick to earning tips is to offer your clients more to eat or drink. Encourage them to try some appetizers or have a drink while they wait for their food. Ask if they would like dessert after they eat their meal. Typically, waiters get fifteen percent of the bill as tip. The larger their bill is, the more dollars you will get as tip.

Put yourself physically closer to your customer. You can do this by squatting by the diner’s table as you take their order. Another technique is to put your order slip on the customer’s table and write the orders from there. Close proximity creates a personal bond and encourages communication. It creates a temporary closeness which will encourage generosity on your customer’s part.

Another useful tip is to repeat your customer’s order after they give it to you. Repeating what someone says is like mimicking them, which psychologists say attracts people to you. Don’t overdo it though coz if you do, you might start to look silly. Repeat their order ones and if they change their order, do it twice. When you repeat their order, look at their eyes and wait for confirmation before you leave.

Earning tips isn’t that hard to do as you can see, you just need to make a conscious effort to make your customer feel at home. Discover more things you can do to earn larger gratuities than just the standard 15% to 20%. You can learn to live on your tips like other waiters, waitresses and bartenders who earn more gratuity than their basic pay check.

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