Earn Money Easily With These 3 Really Simple Affiliate Marketing Strategies

The affiliate industry suffers from a terrible myth. That is the myth that some guru will give you the “secret” that will help you to become a millionaire overnight— but for a price! Here’s the truth: anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can earn money easily if they will take the time to learn the fundamentals. Affiliate marketing strategies are made up of logic and commons sense. Here are three incredibly simple pointers to help your organize your thinking and get started in the affiliate game.

1. The first thing… someone else does for you!

Whether you are selling hotdogs, Lexus automobiles, or online digital products, the beginning of every sale is…

… someone demanding a product or a service.

Both the car industry and the hotdog industry will last as long as there is a demand for those products.

Historically, if you wanted to sell something for which there was a demand, you probably had to to make that product yourself.

So, back in the days when we lit our homes with candles, the candlestick maker (if he wanted to make a steady living) spent most of his time…

… manufacturing candles.

As an affiliate marketer, the main thing is to have a product to sell for which there is a demand.

Eventually, when you are a lot more successful at this than you might be right now, you will make your own product… for others to sell, thereby fattening your perhaps already healthy bank balance.

But for now, the beauty of this business is that you do not need to have a product. Someone else does it for you!

Are you a member of Clickbank? No? Stop what you are doing and go join now. You need to make friends with these guys.

Yeah, yeah, world’s biggest purveyor of affiliate products blah, blah. You already know that. What’s important is they will tell you what products are in demand NOW.

Half of all those high priced affiliate marketing strategies ebooks and programs are devoted to helping you find profitable niches and products.

Why not let Clickbank do it for you for nothing? Do you think they don’t want you to earn money easily? Don’t you think their own profitability depends on exactly that?

So… you don’t need a product. You don’t need to do fancy market research. Login to Clickbank (are you still not a member!?) and start finding the hot niches. Find products in demand, and start promoting.

2. The second thing… is also done for you.

Our friend the candlestick maker had to advertise, spread the word, promote himself and his product. Maybe he relied on word of mouth. Or maybe he put up a sign.

One way or the other, he had to get people’ attention focused on him and his candles.

Online, you need a salespage. You need banner ads. You need emails to send out to potential buyers. You need, you need, you need….

Except that many times, the digital product vendor provides you with that too!

In addition, the top digital vendors will have tested their marketing materials to death. You can have great confidence that their sales materials are up to the job.

3. There is only one thing that is entirely up to you.

In the affiliate business, the product comes to you ready made, as do the promotional materials.

The traffic is up to you. No traffic, no sales. No sales, no money.

The key to your success in affiliate marketing boils down to one thing:

Are you good at getting traffic?

Tiny traffic flows = tiny profits. Bigger traffic flows = bigger profits.

Let’s recap: It’s all about traffic, and not much else. The best, latest affiliate marketing strategies will not make you a dime if you cannot get traffic. Want to earn money easily as an affiliate? Then get traffic. Not good at getting traffic? Then it’s time to GET good at it. Either that…or start making candles. 🙂

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