Data Network Affiliates Review, Does DNA Have The Goods Against CSI

The internet’s bursting with offers to make millionaires out of everyone for almost no hard work. However, how many of these claims are actually genuine? DNA, as Data Network Affiliates is called is the latest to join the MLM brigade; this work from home opportunity claims to offer big money for something as simple as tagging cars. Here’s a review to appraise the authenticity of the business and its profitability as an MLM opportunity.


DNA was launched in Feb 2010 under the leadership of its founders George Madiou, Arthur Kurek and Donald Kessler. This is basically a business that deals in data collection. There’s a lot of statistics in the DNA website that’ll tell you how much the data collection industry’s worth and how it’ll help other businesses and social agencies. Accordingly, members who join the network will be paid to enter data in the main database. As of now, the business deals in tracking license plates of cars and trucks.

What’s The Point?

How does anyone benefit from a database that provides a list of car and truck license numbers? DNA believes these details will help in finding lost children, help in amber alerts and help financial institutions find vehicles that are under lien. Out of these, the only reason I can accept is the repossession agencies. It would be a great help to them if they could get details of the location of a car they want to get back from a database.

Earning Money

Affiliates can make money by entering data in the main database and by getting others to join the business. You get $ 2 a month for keying in license plate details. However, you also have to remember the fact that you get $ 2 a month for each affiliate recruited by you who keys in license plate details.

It does seem enticing when we calculate the potential earnings figure; but we also have to take a look at the limitations.

Data Network Affiliates Competition

Narc That Car

This is an MLM business that works along the same lines as Data Network affiliates. While DNA is free to join, Narc That Car charges $ 100 plus an additional monthly fee of $ 24.99. Earning back the initial cost is however, quite easy in narc that car.

Other MLM companies

This is not the only multi level marketing concern that works with the hassles of products and inventory. Businesses such as Global Verge, and ACN are competitors to DNA cellular plan.

Other negatives

since the income you get from your own as well as your downline’s data collection is just $ 2 per month, you have no other choice but to keep adding members to your MLM doenline. Just how many people you know would join an opportunity that offers just $ 2 a month?

The DNA of success

Converting all your contacts to affiliates is just not enough; you’ll still be lagging behind other winners in the business. The secret of success in a multi-level marketing set up is not the number of contacts you have; but the contacts you create and establish. The key to creating new contacts is generating MLM leads; these get you in touch with your potential customers. Learning internet lead generation is the way to go if you want to build a sustainable business online for DNA.

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