Carson Gripz Eyewear Retainer (Fits Most Frames), Pacific Sand

Carson Gripz Eyewear Retainer (Fits Most Frames), Pacific Sand

Product Description
Carson’s revolutionary new eyewear retainers will help you get a “Gripz” on your expensive sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Gripz eyewear retainers, by Carson, are engineered from high-grade braided silicone that will stand up to the elements and toughest use and abuse. In fact, they’ve been lab tested to hold the weight of a brick, earning the seal of “Brick Tested Tough.” Whether you’re biking, fishing, rafting or participating in any other vigorous outdoor activity, the patent-pending Gripz retainers uniquely combine friction and a contracting force to provide an extremely secure hold that will keep your valuable glasses safe. Available in Black Ash, ER-20 (01); Think Pink, ER-20 (02); Lava Orange, ER-20 (03); Pacific Sand, ER-20 (4); Safari Green, ER-20 (05); Surf Blue, ER-20 (06); Dusk Grey, ER-20 (07); Canyon Trail, ER-20 (08); Midnight Storm, ER-20 (09); Desert Night, ER-20 (10); Raging Waters, ER-20 (11); Burnt Embers, ER-20 (12). At Carson, we strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of our products. We are so confident in our products that we back them with a One Year Limited Warranty! This Carson product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Please contact Carson for additional warranty details.

Price: $7.99

  • Designed to have a secure hold and protect your eyewear under the harshest conditions
  • Lab Tested to Hold the Weight of One Brick earning the seal of “Brick Tested Tough”
  • Engineered from High Grade Braided Silicone Which Allows the Gripz to be very Heat Resistant
  • Fits MOST Frames
  • Available in 12 Unique Color Options

Summer Stars 2012 – Playstation 3

Product Description
Do you have what it takes to be a star athlete ?! Embrace the competitive spirit of the Summer Games and bring home the gold in the summer’s most exciting game! Summer Stars 2012 takes you inside the world’s most prestigious sporting event, offering a range of summer sports like Sprinting, Triple Jump, Mountain Biking, and Diving. Test your physical ability and experience the Summer Games like never before!

Price: $18.48

  • 18 thrilling arcade-style sporting events
  • Play Career mode to achieve national victory
  • Create your own athletic journey by earning skill points
  • Intense multiplayer/split-screen mode for up to 4 players
  • 7 spectacular venues including London stadiums

You will hardly find any male or female who doesn’t like flexible working hours, freedom, own boss, and a job opportunity that compliment his/her lifestyle. Yes, majority of people in all parts of the world who have passion and enthusiasm to do something different prefer to choose the best earning option where there is no work pressure, tight schedule and order of boss. People in Australia are also one of who have far different thinking as they prefer to choose the job that can complement their lifestyle and make their own bosses. If you are also one of those Australians looking for something like that with flexible working hours, independency and better lifestyle, working from home would surely be the best option for you.
If compared to full time and permanent job under employer, then working from home is truly better decision. But in that case, it is also vital to keep some essential points in mind. Before leaving your permanent job, it is also vital to ensure that you have sufficient earning options from various sources or the profession you have got expertise in any particular field. In addition promote your profession through various modes is also another vital aspect that make new ladder for you to climb on the building of success.
Working from home also require some preparation like a home based small office, essential gadgets and tools according to your profession, better contacts, social networking and sufficient work to stay alone for hours in home. You are capable to mark working from home economicallypracticable; it is to be expected that you have to spend good time; even hours in your home made office. Owing tothe fact a majority of people, who work from home may also face some problems like feeling alone, lack of energy for some time, disturbance by any of the family member, struggling with motivation and many more.
Keeping some vital points in mind and following a few simple strategies would be helpful in making your small business dream or working from home a better earning opportunity. Going social, get the balance right, find a leading and fast growing group, etc. are some important points that ensure that you will get sufficient work. Creating profile pages and having a micro-website would also be added advantages to get more business or opportunities for working from home. There are a number of added benefits, but before deciding you should ensure that you have better opportunity.

If you are planning to working from home, it is a better opportunity to work in flexible environment with no work pressure. You will be your own boss without any work pressure in this small business. However, there are some vital points to keep in mind.

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