Can Affiliate Marketing Make Money Online

One of the best ways to earn substantial amounts of money online is to host a variety of affiliate programs. This is easily done through a website or blog by sending the traffic that you receive through to the merchants website, when they make a sale you are paid the agreed amount of commission. So as you can see you do not have to have products of your own to sell just the traffic to divert to other websites.

How it Works!

As described affiliate marketing is the sale of somebody elses product for a commission of that product. It is made possible through the technology that we have today, to be able to track where a particular sale has come from. The tracking system works by giving each affiliate a different tracking number which is encoded into the link in which they embed into their website or blog. In some cases that tracking code can be tied to the customers I.P. address so even if they arrive at the merchants website through the affiliate but do not purchase at that time, when they return direct to the merchants website in the future their I.P. address will automatically pick out the correct affiliate that sent them there.

Affiliate marketing is also a great source of generating targeted leads. For instance if you have a website with an opt in email box for the potential customer, where the customer leaves an email address for you to send a newsletter too etc. You can use these email addresses to market future products. Also the more traffic you generate the more valuable your website will become, eventually people will pay you to advertise on your website.

How can you earn money through Affiliate Marketing?

The ways in which you earn money will differ depending on the merchant and the affiliate program, you will be paid based on:


PPC or pay per click is the method where you don’t have to make a sale just drive traffic, you will be paid a set amount when a potential customer simply clicks on the advert that is embedded on your site.


PPL or pay per lead is if the customer that comes from your site doesn’t necessarily purchase anything but becomes a member of the merchants website. This is building the merchants mailing list for future products and is worth money to them.

Pay Per Sale

Pay per sale is where the merchant will pay a set percentage for every sale that is made from the affiliates tracking code, this can be anywhere in the region of 25-75% of the sale price. This is the golden egg in affiliate marketing and is one of the best ways to earn money online.

Affiliate marketing on the whole is free to join. You do however need a way of promoting your products through the way of a Blog or website but these are also in most cases free to start up. You will also be earning income from the merchants 24/7 once you have set up your advertising method. Everything will be automated all you have to do is drive traffic to your website. As you are not actually selling your own product you do not have to worry about any handling or shipping costs or in fact any returns or unsatisfied customers. Just sit back and watch as you make money online.

How to get set up.

The first thing to have is a website or blog. If you already have this, then you should start identifying several merchants that is relevant to your website or blog. This is to make sure that your visitor will have the same interest to the merchant’s website. Instead of becoming an affiliate to a particular website, you could join an affiliate network that is similar to your industry. These networks are basically amalgamations of hundreds of merchants in one network. Therefore, it is easier to manage links as well as join the programs. If you don’t have a website yet, you can create one where you can post product reviews and link these reviews to the affiliate websites. In order to ensure the success of affiliate marketing, you should also learn how to market your website to make it more searchable in search engines. Merchant affiliate marketing tools can be used to create links to specific sites or products. These links can they be placed on your social networking sites, email newsletter, your website etc.

Adam Woods has researched many ways to earn money online for many years. Many of the programs that Adam tested simply didn’t have the support or training that was needed. It wasn’t until Adam partnerd up with Eric cole, one of the U.K. and U.S.A’s top money makers, that everthing changed. Now Eric and Adam are looking for a small amount of people to help expand their success.

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